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National anthem was performed at the wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. President Donald Trump is at Arlington National Cemetery. In his first public appearance in days he's been directing allies to launch legal battles challenging the outcome of the election. The president elect Joe Biden, won Former national security adviser, H. R. McMaster says the president is harming the nation by refusing to concede and trumpeting the unsubstantiated claim that the election was rigged. NPR's Eleanor Beardsley has more on McMasters remarks to French media in Paris. H. R. McMaster says he always had confidence in the process. But he said President Trump should be doing the opposite of what he's doing. The president should make clear that our elections are secure, which they are on DH helped build confidence in our democratic principles and institutions. The retired lieutenant general spoke to France 24 from Stanford University, where he is now a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. Master said Trump is compromising principle to score partisan political points. But it's Russian President Vladimir Putin, who's smiling. Putin wants to sow doubts and shake our confidence. In our democratic processes, and the president of state should not be one to help him do that. Eleanor Beardsley NPR NEWS PARIS Meanwhile, George's secretary of state has announced a hand recount of votes will be conducted. Joe Biden leads Donald Trump. I just 14,000 votes in a state that's on the verge of turning blue for the first time in decades. The recount is to be completed by the 20th. A hand recount is expected to cost millions of dollars. Texas is facing a covert 19 spike stretching hospital resource is across the state, Texas Public Radio's Bonnie Petri says a record number of infections Was recorded yesterday. The Texas Health Department reported 10,865 new infections on Tuesday. Ah one day state record. The previous high mark was set on July 15th. Health Department spokesman Chris Van Dusen says it's likely some of the new cases can be traced to Halloween gatherings that there is, however, a significant ongoing surge in West Texas. Emergency rooms in El Paso are overwhelmed with patients and the county's brought in mobile morgues to deal with the rising number of deaths. Roughly one out of 10 Corona virus. Infections in the nation have been recorded in Texas. I'm body Petri in San Antonio. At last check on Wall Street. The Dow was of 51 points. This is NPR news Live from Cape CD News. I'm Brian what Oakland Police have released the name of the 20 year old man shot and killed by officers. Early last week, Oakland resident Jonathan Torres Ramirez was fatally shot by one police officer, according to the department. The incident happened while police were detaining people involved in burglarizing an east Oakland building where cannabis was being grown. The department says they ultimately arrested more than a dozen individuals. OPD says it received about 90 calls requiring emergency response that night in three of their officers were shot were struck. Struck and injured by involved vehicles. The injured officers were treated at a local hospital and if since been released Proposition. 15 has failed. After an intense and pricey campaign, the property tax reform measure lost by a narrow margin, it would have raised up to $11 billion a year for schools and local governments, education leaders like left West contract Cost a unified superintendent Matthew Duffy are coping with the verdict. It's really frustrating because it continues to create an understanding that you're only gonna have a good education if you have money. Education funding in California has never fully recovered from the effects of 1970 Eights Proposition 13, which capped property taxes. Proposition, 15 would have stripped some businesses of those protections and put the new revenue towards schools and local governments across the Bay Area. Voters did approve bonds and taxes to fund their local school districts. I'm Brian. What news Support today comes from Fergus Carver architects with integrity and artistry..

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