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Joel Klatt is an absolute revelation on that NFL net broadcast can Reggie Wayne. Just announce all the pigs because he was frigging amazing. And with me for the second time in as many days still filling out his office game of thrones deadpool, David Newman. Hello. How are you? David. We did not cancel the show. No, surprisingly, we did not finish a growl or of beer for those initiated. That's two whole leaders one leader a human in the course of twenty minutes. I was gonna say, no, we definitely finished. We definitely finish it. And now, we're on our our Zillah reveres. But we're here we did not draft the tackle. But you've always got that. At least there wasn't an offensive lineman. But, but you know, maybe we drafted a wide receiver that may as well play tackle. Because he can apparently play every position we'll get there in a minute. First. Let's get to the thirty six pick in the NFL draft because with that pick the forty Niners selected deebo Samuel wide receiver out of South Carolina. And was there any pig perhaps more expected than deebo Samuel for the forty Niners? Maybe only Nick Bosa to the forty Niners in in round one. Absolutely, right. I think in on preach out preview we had three players in the separator category. Isabela was probably a little too small Riley. Ridley didn't have the Atlantic profile, but deebo Samuel men. He'd ticked all the boxes and Shanahan loves players. That can separate catch the ball and run after the catch and deebo Samuel can do all those things. So for the end initiated we're going to do a scouting report on the forty Niners draft picks. We're going to start with deebo Samuel. We're going to get to the athletic profile the production of these players. We're gonna talk about their limitations where they win and they're. Impact? And so let's start with deebo athletic profile. David hit me, so he's actually compares. This is something we talked a little bit about in the pre-draft episodes, but compares quite similarly to peer Garson in in a lot of ways. So I mean, I think overall a really good athlete. Seventy six percent, thou spark score. So again, not by the super high end crazy athlete, but definitely very much in the upper half of NFL athletes at wide receiver. And I think that's something that does show up on tape..

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