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As zebra steel pen feels good the second you pick it up these are tough times that combined style strength and value so this you battle your way through the day arm yourself with a tough zebra steel pen now you found san in european in its toughest steal dc's the base of the led by partial we've still got spot gas i was going to start the national show here by talking about last night's football game kansas city in oakland and just how i it's what i want for the sport i don't feel like it's too much to ask for the games to feel a little more like that marred cooper running all over the field as opposed to what it is that we've seen this season but so that i can enjoy the the greatness of a more cooper as opposed to watching their card throwing threeyard pass but mike ryan says he's excited about an epic sound of the day and so i will get out of the way what is this mike i don't know anything about it time now for guillermo sandvik saddle day '80s 80s scored the fa hey guys hello guillermo gamble has a brick on his lap today as part of the grid of death challenges tenderers rock red eye eric it's a cinderblock right how is that bin unpleasant it's not fun dan naccache suggests three more hours that's fine there an snail attached to it what did you guys editor yard just a your yard you get something out of the yard yes cinderblock to the andrew and have these union brush the the snell offer and ina and he's still hanging in there any stick around are talking to the microphone gates hard to reach that like it's legitimately heart i can get to the mic are what's the ethics out of the day you guys are familiar with chuck the ghana.

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