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Former belt or time bell tower featherweight champion. So we'll tackle some of the latest news. We'll see what's next with Daniel. And he had a serious accident at the end of two thousand seventeen. So we see worries with that. And we'll take your calls again. Eight seven seven five ninety three y'all scored away wiggles. Yeah. I don't know. You know, we had the Clearwater beach bad. Boy, it was here the other day. So. Okay. All right. Well, what did you think of the news? I don't think he's coming back. No. You think that's really I think that's it. Well, I think in his mind once now. Appearance pay why do know cannabis is blowing up. It's everywhere. I have a buddy who works for CHP California Highway Patrol, and he said that they landed the contract they escort armored trucks from some of these Canada's business, really. Yeah. And because I even joked with them like, what are you guys, the sons of anarchy, or or what you know because if you watch those fictitional motorcycle club TV shows on FX sons of anarchy or the Mayans that's kind of what they do. They kind of get paid to s or you know, you watch those shows of cinem- didn't really so that was my job to know, we really landed that contract, and it pays us. Well, and and the there it's just very lucrative. Now. He works more in the northern Cal area. Where of course, people begin high up there, you know. So maybe it's just a lot more prevalent over there. But of course, Vegas legalized statement disassembly. Recreationally so and the other day I dropped off Sammy the squid at an unnamed location. Cancel him out. But near that area. Why it looks like a shopping mall? I saw some of these. Yes, there was two of them. They almost look like little hotels. We're all light lit up and everything. You guys got someone spinning here. Whether you just show up and go give me this give me that and you bounce. But they look like. You know what I mean? So I'm gonna probably go back there and do a field trip. You know? Hey, I'm a beginner what what's the deal here? Just to see what it's all. I I it caught my attention, man. It was flash at you got to buy something. Right. Every and just walk in and be a full on my. Yeah. Yeah. Go down the route of the city's cake. I did that once to them. Oh, man. And we were there. No. When I went there with Matt lucky say that was on that trip in two thousand four I went, and I had to space cakes and. Well on top of like six heinekens in a bunch of shots Daniel Strauss outweighs JAT hill, man, we were being taken to my Buddy's house to sleep off..

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