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Said in the gop leaders are pressing ahead even though their health reform effort seems to be going nowhere fast cbs's steve dorsey has the latest even without the support of three republicans majority leader mitch mcconnell told reporters he's moving ahead any way to vote go to repeal obamacare without a replacement that would repeal obamacare and with a twoyear delay give us an opportunity to build something better on a partisan basis minority leader chuck schumer offered in alternative we can work together to lower premiums we can work together to stabilize the mark hits we can work together to improve the quality of health care steve dorsey cbs news washington house republicans have released a 10year budget blueprint that boosts military spending while endorsing cuts to medicare something president trump opposes budget chair diane black when we came here in two thousand anti can we all wanted to and and and desire to change the culture here in washington and to go after that mandatory spending which is about two thirds of our spending and we have been able to do that and so this is an opportunity to change the culture right here in washington the plan also sets up an overhaul of the tax code while cutting benefit program i am such as food stamps the trump administration is imposing new sanctions on iran including more than a dozen individuals groups and networks over nonnuclear behavior daryl kimball is would the arms control association bevin entities and five individual according to the state department relief that or our engaging in activities in support of doron military procurement or the iranian revolutionary guard corps an official announcements expected later today but a white house official says the president will nominate former utah governor jon huntsman to be the us ambassador to russia after two deadlocked juries in ohio prosecutor as giving up the case against former police officer ray tensing was charged in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black motorists sam devos his sister tarinah alan is upset on day because god was when the gates of jerusalem free ridiculous you as we tell us a saudi woman who posted a video of herself in a miniskirt and.

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