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The tournament. This weekend at gives valley the bmw championship. But before we get to tyler and then we must give you eli all right so my i guess loan bat but it's there's a couple of them with it the player. I'm betting on this weekend this week. We're a maccarone jimmy. Mcilroy over about rivers plus twenty five hundred back oi top ten. Well that's each way to rivers and rory top ten at plus two hundred look at the way he's played over the last twelve rounds he's third degreen third in ball striking fourth in off the sea. The approach could be a little better just outside the top twenty obviously around the green putting especially putting below the top forty where he ranks right now. So that's concerning but again putting out really metric you will carry over week to week. You've finished a little bit over the weekend. At the northern trust shooting seventy and a sixty six. So i i hope that he bounces back a little bit just with the putter and again. If if he's bombs away at this golf course joe worked out at least two catan. Keep things within the top ten so mcelroy for me outright and top ten okay so rory mcilroy eli on the roaring train. James mazzola was on the show yesterday. He also likes rory spoiler alert. I probably royal little villa. Give you my golf. That's momentarily but we gotta find out here. What let's let's hold cannon tyler here rick vicks ready to come on big trucks. He's on the line right now. A right let's bring vic choksi on the show right now. Thick of course is absolute stud. Betting analysts betting expert for our friends over a bed vic is on twitter at dock squad thirty three and the last time we had vic on the show and vic was giving out golf. That's he came on and correctly gave out a kevin. Kisner live bet at fifty five to one whatever tournament. That was two weeks ago that it gave me a million years to remember. The name of. I wouldn't be able to vic pop on here. Tell us what you like. This weekend at the bmw copello. Thank you for the great intro there. Nick and i got six guys that i hit with some outright s- I i took bryson. You can get them at plus two thousand right now that rivers. Call me a sucker but again. He had a volatile week last week. But this is going to be a bombers course. He's i in driving distance. Person strokes games off the tee he. He's just too good to pass up at these odds so grab. I grabbed him at twenty. Two to one. I still recommend grabbing him. A twenty two one there and then brooks tepco twenty five to one right now. He has six top six finishes over his last twelve starts. He's always there when the big dogs play and his metrics fit perfectly for this course as well so those are the guys on the upper side. And then i got four longshots where you guys scotty shuffler. Plus three thousand russell henley plus sixty five hundred walking neiman plus six thousand and jason coke racket plus eight thousand out of that group. I love neiman. This week i. I really think he's going to be there. Come sunday his his game. It's this track really well. And so the six guys that i took out right this weekend vic I know that you were off last week. Like did you fire it engulfed. That's on the northern trust after kevin kisner alive that winner a couple of weeks ago. Of course man. I'm always tired pets at any time..

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