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Club. Oh you stop at Stephen King. That's scary wait. We're both Bernie's Mrs. This is Mike Tyson vs Bill Murray. I'm Steven Indra Sano. Tom And I'm Phoenix Crockett. And this week we are reading misery published in nineteen eighty seven. I tell you what Steve Steve I have a lot to say. Which one do I shoot section? And they're going to hear my voice so why don't you all right. So Yeah Yeah. I'm good with that. I'm good with that. This is the main points. Paul Sheldon is say popular writer whose most famous novels are period pieces about a character named misery chastain. He has just finished a lucrative printing of the final final misery. Book in which misery chastain dies at he has also just finished a new manuscript called fast cars. A one hundred eighty Degree turn from Victorian novels after finishing a bottle of DOM perignon he decides to drive to La rather than fly home to NYC see and he is involved in a drunk driving accident in a secluded area of Colorado that is made worse by Flash Snowstorm when Paul awakens he is in bed with two severely disfigured legs among other ailments. He is being treated treated by. Annie Wilkes a former nurse and a fanatic of his misery novels. Paul quickly discovers several discouraging fact. What's the first is that Anne will not take him to the hospital using the weather as an excuse the second is that he is probably addicted to a codeine based East Painkiller? That any has been giving to him. The third is that any wolf's is probably insane she has bouts of rage catatonic I and violence a few days into his stay. Paul understands that any is not going to call for help and that he is a hostage. Aw any reads. Paul's new misery book and learns that misery has died. She becomes hysterical. She leaves Paul alone for two days as without food. Water or painkillers when she returns she forces him to burn the only copy of fast cars in a bedside Barbecue Erba Q.. And begin writing a new misery. Novel which will resurrect the titular character. She frequently beats. Paul targeting his mangled legs eggs over the next month. Paul gets out of his wheelchair while any runs errands. Exploring the house looking for painkillers. Extra Food and answers researchers. He finds that the phones are missing necessary wires. He also finds a scrapbook with evidence. That Anne is a hospital based a serial killer who had up to thirty infant victims during her time as Labor maternity nurse during particularly depressed about any tells as Paul that she knows that he leaves the room sometimes to punish him she cuts off his foot. Caught arises the ankle stub with a blow torch later when he complains about the typewriter she purchased for him breaking down. She cuts off his thumb with an electric knife months later. A local sheriff named Dwayne Kushner has put together the pieces of Paul's disappearance during this time he goes to end his house and she hides Paul in the basement. Meant Paul makes noise to alert the sheriff so any kills him and runs over him with a riding lawn mower. Any forces. Paul the stay stay in the basement while she hides the body where he finds some lighter fluid and stores it in his sweatpants when he gets back to the room he makes a decoy manuscript of the new misery novel and Burns it in front of Anne when she tries to save it catching on fire herself. He hits her with the typewriter and crawls to his escape deep he alerts officials his existence and passes out and when he awakens he learns that Anne died in our backyard of head trauma. Paul publishes miseries return and it is a best seller he still suffering from severe. PTSD in alcoholism awesome though as well as writer's block. After months of pain. A chance encounter on the street inspires him to write a new peace and the book ends as he breaks down. Crying is a good one though use. Oh but is a good one that that is one way with this meeting in order. It's full dark no structure so i. Hey I know you're into go but this here is a good Christian podcast and we're going to have some some ground rules moving forward all right now. Here's how this is going to go. We're not going to swear on this here episode. I don't WanNa hear any F words or extreme stream darns in my vicinity so if a happens for this episode only I'm GonNa edit them out now and we're going to replace them with a more appropriate word such as Kakudi for example Phoenix. Would you like to demonstrate share. Gosh darned take that again but you use it in a sentence. I hate this effing. So there's a second part of the royal which Phoenix is going to really enjoy. which is that anytime I catch use wearing or vice versa? I need to inform you that you're a thirty dirty. Birdy and I will not have that kind of language on my podcast. Oh okay are we all saddled all right have a good one now. What was your thing? What were you going to say but well Jesus I was GONNA say you're on thin ice for using his name in vain? I will just Sir so every list of best Stephen King books gotta include misery. Yeah 'cause it's great. It's a metaphor metaphor for Stephen King. Getting terrible audience reactions from eyes of the dragon feeling tied to horror in the way that Paul Sheldon is tied to misery. Yeah Yeah anti-drug Birlik Romance which it's interesting. I really like the kind of shift. Because they're both genres. That are really looked down upon. So it's like a fun way of being like. Hey Hey this. Isn't me wink wink wink. Absolutely this is a random note to. I went back through some of my books. Some of the things we've done I don't know if he's ever written a book Stephen King Out and allison wonder who else who else would you be referring to. Why did you have have to clarify? Our is not the Nora Roberts. Now we're not doing the Dean Koontz Boo Club. You're fasting. Thank Darn Dean because we're both grease dirty verging it not at all right so Yeah I think every single Steven King Book has has Nelson what are they in reference. And I found several. What is it in this one Forget my notes but I know it's in all right cool. I Really WanNa get things rolling. But first we have for some of the while a biography section so phoenix. Please tell me where we're at in the biography of Stephen King. The a year is nineteen eighty. Seven Stephen King is so famous He's enjoying one of his periods the decade or so. There's a couple of months. Maybe a year where Stephen King is as works are more famous than usual. You're in one those times. Yeah right now yes so. It's a few weeks after this book is published and Johnny Cash American Music Legend is prepping. Mm for a show Johnny Donaldson Cash and Jonathan Cash. Ola is preparing for a show in Bangor. which will happen on Halloween night? His wife June Carter is like hey. Isn't that where Steve Lives and think. Yeah I don't think she called them that she says I'm a huge fan. And their agents arranged dinner for them mm-hmm and then that night on Halloween night. Nineteen eighty seven cash brought king onstage to play guitar and sing. Johnny be good by Chuck Berry absolutely absurd. That happened just absolutely ridiculous. That that's the thing that occurred on on the planet earth. It sucks that that we weren't alive because that would have been people. People were in the audience that night. If you were in the audience yup you have recall from beyond yes. Can we quit hunt someone down. That'd be ridiculous. I'm Hey I'll get on it. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Let's take. The sweet screams are best of section.

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