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Like, it just seems like they went to the same rooms to go and Pflueger Ville and got all of the. The seafoam green accessories that they could possibly need and just like remix them in everyone's place to your point. There's a scene work Clair's testing paint swatches on on the wall, and they're all basically the same. Yes. The palette shows like yours at one brand of paint that the fancy fancy guy pain. Stately colors, only palette and this basically. Yeah, the show is is definitely that. There's one exception which is the journalist who like the dog, Tom. The non has to like show he comes to she comes to visit him and he like officer recede, and she has sleek show for a bunch of papers and junk, mail and shit like that. So that she could sit down, and I was like checks out. I always had this what Doug stampers apartment should be like. His apartment, even though it was deniro always seem to need to me dog is exactly the same thing that I was talking about the plot that you're like, not quite sure like it seems like it's supposed to be a big deal and go somewhere, and then it totally doesn't like at the last moment of his life. Tom puts a USB on the dog's collar, and then later Constance dimmers, and you're like, oh, it's going to be this huge thing. Like where is his story where did the research go who can find it? Whatever you never see the dog, again constant Zimmer goes, I found this USB on a dog. And like that's supposed to be this huge exciting or not or it just I nobody took advantage of how great it is to hide your research on a dog it. Yeah. And she drives off in the way, it's shot. You're like and the car blows up in three two and the. Did you use that shot setup? Like, just so many. There are so many lost opportunities. And I just think they didn't maybe have the heart anymore. Like by the time. They get to the last few episodes. It really did just seem like. You know, who can there one by one picking off all of the characters that I liked and it's like, all right? So your last act is to kill my favorite, Doug stamper. Okay. And then it over. Quests yet. Dave was like there isn't another episode. Like, no that the me too. I chat, and I was like keeping count. I was like all right good last one. And then it was like, wait. Maybe this was episode seven. I thought the same thing I thought for a season where like for me the season like like ninety percent of it is just the president and PepsiCo trading powerplays back and forth doing one up and screwing over the others. And then at the she steps, Doug. And that was like the season. It seemed just like it was just like this. A back and forth between these two and like everything else was just sort of happening. And then it just ends. And I was say what about like what happened with the Pepsi people? Like are they going to have like is this the end it didn't seem like it just not that show needs to resolve all pass? But this one just ended in a way that seemed like it just ran out of money than they were just like, you know, what? Let's go through this tunnel and get the other size. Like, oh, no the Coyote painted the tunnel on the flip side are trained to slant into it. And the show's over I have a lot of sympathy for the way ends because I know exactly that feeling when you're writing an article, and then you get to the point where you're like, I just feel like this should stop. Hit my word limit show over that ending is so bad. But I, but I was just that ending so bad. But I, but I almost can't hate it. Because I relate to it so strongly. Yeah. But at the same time, it just really highlights the fact that like the season did not need to happen. Like every season ends in a way, that's like closed ended..

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