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Opinion. Just lack all. It starts from a working class. Blue collar perspective thinking that Wilbur Ross is going to be this savior, is gonna bring the jobs back. It's going to open up the coal mines again. And then describing what life is like, in some of these small towns, where there's the only place to get food is at the dollar store. And so when I started song, sometimes it might be a little flippant or silly, silly subject matter Wilbur Ross and slippers, and then as I think about it more try to add a little more depth to it. What is it like playing these things live, what you hear back from an audience, and what is that? Well, I started playing Trump's private pilot like during the during the campaign early in the campaign and it I mean, I'm playing for a bubble essentially, you know, I'm not playing for a diverse audience of Trump supporters, and everything. But there a lot of people like me that are confused and angry and feel like stuff is slipping away from them. And in when I get to the end where the pilot decides to crash, the plane. Spoiler alert for the sake of Justice in America and everything. There's just like this cathartic cheering that happens. That's very emotional, but also insane in weird that we're all. You know, thinking these dark thoughts and kind of green with we're talking with actor, comedian and musician, Tim Heidegger, so you are doing, these songs that are playing you say inside, this bubble again, this one reaction outside of the bubble. The reaction is a little bit different. And it does spark some trolling. And the trolls are, you know, they're out there, and they come after you what was the general theme of what they were saying about your music and even more particularly about your personal life. Well, yeah. They've been they've been around my career since really the beginning when we were making stuff, there was always this segment on the message boards, and then later on read it and for channel, these places one tactic that they had was the whole cook thing, you know, would be defined as I don't really know. I guess there's a Webster's version of it, but it sort of this, like, you know, d- masculine or beta male kind of this idea that because I'm not a Trump supporter, that I'm some kind of wimp, or kind of wet piece of toast. And they're very you know, some of them can be pretty creative. In one of the things they did was manufacturer these divorce papers that, that is spreading this rumor that my wife had left me because I'm such a, you know, got a cook a weak, weak minded, liberal guy, hard live tart. Yeah. And so that, that showed up on message boards, and they, they downloaded the, the marriage. Certificate that the points that was well. My wife's real name on it, and my work address and stuff. And my is all about the alimony payments like how much I'm paying my wife now which was just like, you know, we all know people that are divorced. Is that really the strongest you've got, but parodying Nora Ephron line that everything is copy this becomes inspiration for your new record. What the brokenhearted due in part. So let's listen to the title track off et Al. Just been. Thing that's true. Do whatever. Broken. I mean, there's the whole idea of, like, you know, I'm going through this personal crisis. But there's also.

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