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The current status is that they can do this, they decide. They WANNA, look at Dave, grams, tax return, or Dan Richardson's tax return. They can do that correct. That is correct, okay, and and and they're basically saying the same principle. Should be able to look at Donald Trump's tax return and. He of course has been resisting this idea throughout and I wonder. Is there some executive prerogative here. You know presidential. Exemption or something, or what is the legal argument in behalf of the trump, administration or trump himself to say? My tax return has greater protections than. Dan Richardson's or Dave Dave Grams tax returns well. It really rests upon what is the intent of the statute and the intent. If he pull your your tax returns mind. Hopefully, it's simply because they need to examine what are probably plain vanilla of boring tax returns of the average citizen You know they're not looking to persecute you or me. you know individually but the fear I think is that you know, and and let me sort of spin out hypothetical animating this you know, imagine imagine a situation where a Republican. Congress. Decides that they're frustrated at a Democratic president who know is doing things contrary to what they believe, and so they take every single top aide to the president and the president. Herself and pull their tax returns as a way of trying to see if they can gain ammunition, not because they have a concern about that person's tax returns but they think if they can find you know a payment to you know an. Illegal Alien Nanny a You know a payment that that would be embarrassing It would give them it would give them political fodder that that's not what the intent of that statute is the intensive. That's at you. It's really very much about. You know regulating the IRS and giving congressional oversight to the to the To that particular department executive department, and so if it becomes a tool of political You know punishment or away for opposing parties to conduct fifty x petitions. You know I think that is a That is certainly a concern of the court. This is also one of those cases I. think that it's really become in important. Just dispute between You know that that's never occurred before simply because. Presidential candidates have always revealed their tax returns Forcing a discussion that we've never had before, it's breaking new ground and you know oftentimes when that happens, courts don't necessarily want they want him. They WANNA. Put some some. Some guardrails on it. And daylight between themselves and the political debate over whether, or maybe we should pass laws ing all presidential candidates released your tax returns and the end of it. Well Dan Richardson Very Informative and insightful commentary as usual this morning I really appreciate you joining me here on the Dave Graham show on wd. FM and am thank you so much. Let's do the scan soon. My pleasure anytime Dave already. Hey, we are going to go to the end of the show actually and then to a news conference with Governor, Phil Scott, the other top state officials. They've been doing these things three times a week. Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays. Covert nineteen response. Has Been carrying them live. We're going to do today. Folks seventh-grade afternoon. Keep watching those hands. They help you succeed distance all. That's good stuff and we will talk to Y'all tomorrow morning..

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