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He got the bang. Monica Geller Yep. He he was unsure about doing that show which. All right that was dumb. If he missed all that 'cause. Tom Selleck like every human hates Rosie O'Donnell. Will. Look forward to your letters. and. He's on blue bloods now there you go. I haven't either. It's actually a good show. I don't watch it all the time, but it's actually a good show. My wife plays it and I have to suffer. Yeah. Sure. But it's actually not a bad show. So here's something district. comes. Out of Nashville her. So. In Nashville they've kept the which is a big. Kind of a big party town I'd say Nashville. Yeah. Degree they've they've since the coronavirus hit they've kept the bars and restaurants closed well on June thirtieth I guess. These e mails just came out with the emails were sent on June thirtieth Email was sent from someone at the health department in Nashville to the mayor's office. basically saying that the with they're contact tracing, they really can't confirm more than twenty two cases at bars and restaurants which they continue to insist must be closed due to health concerns. and the the confirm when they weren't open. Bar recently with contact tracing. So. Couple in town that take your they want your ID Seattle. Them Right. And then. If, they report it to the hospital where are so you get dinged at the hospital. They look up your name, your at this bar. This is where he got it. Then they go to the bars and shut up like oh you have covert here. It from there. Know the concept but. xactly. Well. I could've got it from the neighbor next door. Yep really you're on the show. Okay so only twenty two have been absolutely confirmed is coming. From and I don't even do that they could do. In that's and they make it through. The way they do it as they categorize the categorize, each each type of business that has had. Outbreaks or cases that have been traced to them. a thousand cases have been traced to each category of business with like twenty thousand I think for that county if I read this correctly earlier but then So the Health Department sends this data and ask this isn't going to be publicly released rate. It's just info for the mayor's office and they go correct not for public consumption. a month later, the health department was asked pointblank. About the rumor that they're only eighty cases, which is still a lot more but. Nowhere, near enough to get your panties in a bunch and keep everything shutdown. DANCEFLOOR okay. National citizen what does the population. Nashville's that big with Murphy's borough. That would put Nashville bigger than Denver. Yet is it really? Feels bigger with all the with all of the little extras around their nationals or Denver is only like one point two, one point three. Surrounding area kind of thing I mean Colorado Springs is eight hundred thousand with this Nashville population. Twenty twenty. ALL'S TWO MILLION That's Nashville. Proper national proper now with Murphy's borough and all the little suburbs out there are no. I mean yes. Well, it's not country you know. I wasn't country either I lived there for a little while anyway. Just five points alone. Just five points downtown a little cooler area where all the roads hit points. You can't. Throw a Les Paul Without hitting a bar. Telecaster refunder I got it. You can't throw a Banjo without hitting a bar. And, it's so much fun. Everybody's on the street original around. There's only one bar that you can take in and out from right place called frosties even a shake. With rum or loaded with vodka, I'm moving to Nashville and you can walk around with it and every other bar five points. Let's you come in with that drag you. Walk Round. Or wait until they fired this mayor. Despair is freaking out over eighty cases. Either this the mayors of Nashville. But I think his thing is more whether it's from like a religious bullshit or what he wants bars closed. I don't think so much. Paddock State I think the mayor's Democrat on. Yeah but this is so so the Tennessee lookout newspaper asked the figure you gave him more than eighty, which I guess was what they came up with after this twenty two. And I don't know where they stretch to that leads to a natural question. If there have been more than twenty, there have been over twenty thousand positive cases of Covid in Davidson which I assume is the county. That Nashville sits in only eighty or so or trace to restaurants and bars isn't that mean restaurants and bars on a big problem in the health department official I guess asked please advise recommend respond. And one of the emails he got back from one of his superiors was my two cents. We have certainly refused to give counts per bar because those numbers are low per site. So they're saying the numbers come out too low to justify their actions. So they need to be in not let them out Mel our try to say things in a way where it sounds like it's much worse. So basically he got caught. Doing what I think a lot of politicians are doing. I don't think this is isolated in Asheville at all. I think happening everywhere else the board and. There are over blowing the the the danger of covid to hang onto their power or what I I have to ask. Okay. This is driving me crazy. You say they're our. Yeah. A I get it the fact that they have the power to do what they're doing and stuff like that. But what is the purpose of the power? Well, here's here's what I think. The end game is if they're Democrats, it's to go. If you don't vote for Joe Biden this is going to continue. We not you me. Kamla. Let's yeah. Over Comma, Sutra. where? Land is you know it's the Harris Biden ticket and then and then if that fails and trump gets reelected, they can they have something to continue to go oh, look how badly look how bad this is. You think you think that's what it is i. that's a big part of the I mean, how do you destroy a an economy in kill the entrepreneurs and kill the business owners? Just. Because you want to keep.

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