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Dot com slash corona virus in other news this morning we could find out today if there will be a recount in Dallas County after some uncounted votes were found Carol these Bailey Friday has the update Dallas County elections officials are asking for a recount after they discovered ballots from forty four machines may not have been counted on super Tuesday this morning a judge will hear the motion in the side of the office should manually count the votes Carol Donovan is the Democratic Party chair and says super Tuesday was chaotic with many polls not having enough volunteers from each party that meant that the Democrats had to run both the Republican and the democratic primaries and over half of the voting centers Dallas County commissioner J. J. Koch blames elections administrator Toni Pippins Poole and is calling for her resignation Bailey Friday news radio ten eighty KRLD he's a familiar face to cowboys fans now he's the head football coach at a North Texas high school girls in high school hires Jon Kitna as its new head football coach and athletic coordinator Kitna was an NFL quarterback for sixteen seasons culminating his career with the cowboys in twenty eleven and he was the cowboys quarterbacks coach last season Kipnis says he's ready for the challenge we were excited to get going and you can know this community and let them get to know me Kitna takes over an Elks team that would six and four last season just barely missing out on the playoffs as for his expectations in twenty twenty we won't be out works in the heart of find people to play harder to us into Greenstein newsradio ten eighty KRLD more cases of the corona virus reported overnight that stories coming out right now traffic.

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