President Trump, TOM, Senate discussed on Bloomberg Surveillance


This is another sort of systemic problem with their their strategy of quantitative easing when when you look at trade policy in this in this country dte think there are members this administration get what you're saying about the the need for companies to look to external demand versus domestic demanded at this point or there it is their growing new wants to the discussion about trader or is it still where it was five six months ago i don't think there's much enlightened view on looking at trade policy in the broader context this is a an administration it takes takes its instructions from aid deal focused president he looks at trade on a transactional basis country by country in failing to appreciate the fact that last year david we had trade deficits with one hundred and one countries this is a multilateral problem it's not a country by country problem and when you you when you recognize that the multilateral dimensions of this it has to come from somewhere and that goes back to the savings point that i just made with tom and the trump the trump administration and now the republicans in the senate say we'll really care about deficit any more if they get bigger it's no big deal wall if the deficits get bigger the savings rate gets lower the multilateral problem gets worse and there's really no real appreciation for the fundamentals of this issue in this administration the bell just ring look for the homework assignment do that with junior class stephen roach thank you so much greater midfielder university a pop quiz tomorrow phoon verve market i'm carol massar encore johnson we get from stock picks jim muscle portfolio manager ballgame frankoy who got the ceo of wonder workshop on creating toys they teach kids decode.

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