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Within a democracy. So why can't the request be made released information has been based based on that. Oh, it has. It has been many not not only not only from members of of of of congress, you know, using their congressional subpoenas. But by Judicial Watch Judicial Watch probably more successful than than any that. We've set at times Judicial Watch a citizen's watchdog group has been has been at times more successful in getting information about what's going on in the government. But you've had the government refusing the requests or d'alene the documents that for example, Judicial Watch wants that the federal judge has had to get involved and has had to go after the department of Justice and other entities of the federal government saying you can't do this. You got to release these forms. So just because a freedom of information. Act exists doesn't mean. The government will cooperate unless the courts get involved as we've seen with Judicial Watch. They've had to get involved. Well, I mean, you look at the oversight committee's when the Republicans held the house, the the oversight committee's couldn't get anything from the the FBI wouldn't give it to the oversight committees. They weren't giving it to the citizens committee. That's the entire point the bureaucracy thought that they were in and still thinks today, not the elected representatives, but the bureaucracy and who's oversight is by the elected representatives believe that what they think supersedes the elected representatives of the United States. And it does not it does not. And that's the problem. So just because the freedom of information act exist. Doesn't.

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