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Nationals in DC the neighboring team split two games in Baltimore last month tonight I was right hander Aaron Brooks will oppose nat southpaw Patrick Corbin now your exclusive W. CBM weather channel forecast until the cold front clears out here we've got some clouds and rain today more clouds than wet weather there's only a slight chance of a shower or two and our temperatures stay on the mild side seventy eight this afternoon were dried tonight tomorrow is our best chance of rain was scattered thunder showers mainly in the afternoon warming up though eighty four tomorrow then this sunshine returns Thursday Friday and Saturday I'm Terry Smith from the weather channel for talk radio six eighty W. CBM and M. and T. bank stadium in Baltimore seventy two seventy two and navy marine corps stadium in Annapolis reporting at eleven OO six I'm Michael phila police six eighty W. CBM news stay connected and informed listen to AM six seventy or stream us on your PC tablet or phone at W. C. B. M. dot com the WC do you buy retirement solutions four one zero two six six eleven twenty eighth retirement solutions dot com now show talk radio six eighty you see the M. dot com.

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