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Our all in my building it up after Vic Fangio left his position as a coordinator earlier this week the appears to Chicago's getting closer to finding a replacement. According to multiple reports the team is I'm former colts head coach Chuck llegado to fill the position the fifth year. Fifty eight year olds coach colts in twenty seventeen. Pita D H. I do I can just tap out. Due can take over and it was previously. The ravens defensive coordinator so buyers Chuck Pagano being able to keep it bears a top five defense next year. Neither am I. The rage. I'll throw Newark Chuck Pagano. Guess. It looks. So happy. Can move in. Sure, I'm positive Marquette. No, no, no, no. We're we're moving forward prior to Sanford's sun bowl matchup against Pittsburgh corner. Running back Bryce love real that he would not play in order to pay for the NFL draft. Well, love told Yahoo sports today that he suffered a torn SEAL in the teams final regular season game surgery, mid December and intensive participate in some capacity at this year's combine the bracelets injury. Only furthers the reason by college football players should sit up. Oh games. Any criticism by? Yes. And I think it's absolutely self explanatory. But. And now now, I'm gonna lose my mind. If I have to go from the DA's talking about paid college coaches who run.

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