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Really strange. This is really, really going out on a limb here Well, Well, that's because you guys don't understand the bond that did an owner slash father can have with his investment. And that is I understand. Well, listen, I I I hope you get a chance you know, in in the most medical way possible to fill as many people out there with Jerry juice as possible, And don't forget to get your star masks America's team star masks available. They are properly ventilated. So you don't feel like you're You're suffocating in there they have. They do have breathing holes throughout. Okay, Great. Good tonight, Jerry Jones. We appreciate you joining us every single time. Good luck to you. Don't spend all that money in one place like Oh, I don't know a Hall of Fame party. Alright. How bout them Cowboys? How bout them Cowboys? How about young gamble? They're very Jones. Thank you so much. We got a nice note. We got a nice note from Polly and indie. Hey, Moron. Bro's seven and nine is not possible in the 17 game schedule. Uh, that's a good point on your name is Paulie. Yeah, it's okay. Grown, man. How about Paul? Seven in 10? You're welcome. You're welcome. But we're thinking, Let's take a break. How about you go with Paul? What you update and becoming a little Paul? Unless you're 11 years old. All right, let's take a sports break. We're going to send it over to our friend Rich Ackerman. Taking away his collaborators filming for Jim Rome on CBS Sports Radio, Right, so I said CBS Sports Flag Game four of the Eastern Conference Finals tonight in.

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