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This call these two different that's what we're in the personal the court the lady so this model is that the parties know that Dade County and that's a lot of people in the world does my family does a lot of times and then we have just a minute it's a sad day this number is nine months designs right interestingly enough that as young as at the Kubo yesterday is this was unfolding Yanis deleted all the social media Yanis took down his Twitter took down his Instagram took down his other social media as he tries to wrap his head around this tries to cope with this try to understand it better like I think a lot of people are it is three fourteen at W. T. M. J. a great match exports is up next let me tell you about this someone say about Griffin Chevrolet because they're the place that I buy my car she you know I buy my car's a Griffin Chevrolet because are the real deal you walk in there there's not pressure there's not shown you the show in the at showing you the other thing you walk in there you let us know what you're interested in you look you let him know what you can afford you let him know what's going to get it done for you and that's how they work with you a Griffin I just bought a car Griffin Chevrolet not that long ago great selection the largest inventory that's one of the things I like about Griffin of course they got all the things you'd expect like a very comfortable customer lounge complementary cookies and drinks and all that stuff that got a knowledgeable sales staff but they've also got the spirit Jim Griffin it's Jim Griffin Chevrolet and Jim Griffin runs things like he runs his family he sits you down he talks to you he cares about you and the.

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