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The by the the VH tell stories to children right you know by the you don't find someone like that thank you where is Scott laying literally speaking all the words love that scene anyway so he's first hour tomorrow night he's got a graphic novel series out in it's called count Crawley and it's it's paranormal based you'll get a kick out of it that would be tomorrow night the first hour so Nick Caruso joins us and we'll talk with Nick until we do open lines later on believe it or snot the definitive field guide to earth's slimy creatures good evening neck thanks for having me you know I guess he usually I read I try to read the book cover to cover and I realized in your case I couldn't read your book cover to cover because if I did then I'd know all the answers you have nothing we have nothing to talk about but here I'll just give you just a little bit about about did Nick Caruso he is a he's a post doc right now the and you are up in Europe a postdoctoral associate in the department of fish and wildlife conservation at Virginia Tech I did that post doc thing for a little while kind of fun in it but you're on your way and this book is a major accomplishment so congratulations for that that's going to be but it's and it's your second book doesn't fart was your first book is that right our it's our third doesn't wasn't orders yeah our second was true or two well it doesn't fart let me just say if you are looking for chapter in Boston terriers yes I can say that for sure so I love isn't it so we're going to talk about the the kind of the earth slimy assed creatures the and die and these are some of many of these I think are people who I think most people would not know which ones they are some of them I'd heard of but some of them are kind of a surprise like I would never have guessed that possums would have made it down to anybody's list of a slimy creature so why possibles yeah I mean they're not always slimy which is probably why you wouldn't have guessed it but you know I think more familiar with their you know playing that are playing possum right it comes from but when they.

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