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The temperature and the global economy we begin with comments by alex pollick of the our street institute deficits by few us a versus those with for system surpluses germany for example and naturally throughout this was the ubiquitous deserve politicians to get a remained in office so political economy is certainly the accurate term here of course discussions of trade deficits cannot be divorced from the nature of the international monetary system the levels of exchange rates or from the role of the us dollar as the dominant reserve currency though or from the role of the united states as a safe haven for capital if you've remarks say i think that one of the key things that the united states produces use a social system which does serve so well as a safe haven for saving some capital uh we could say that what john makin like to call the wealth storage service effectively is traded internationally for net imports today we have a truly distinguished panel to address the economic questions of trade deficits amidst the current political forces employ each member the panel's going to speak for about thirteen to fifteen minutes of opening comments uh astra which will give the panels the chance to react to each other's ideas all right or clarify their points and after that will open the floor to your questions and we will adjourn promptly at twelve o'clock let me introduce the panels in the order in which they will speak first will be jeff frankl who is the james w harpool professor of capital formation growth at harvard university the also directs the program international finance from macroeconomics at the.

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