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The governor of California's about ready to sign a Bill that would provide health care benefits for some one hundred thousand illegal aliens here in California. And of course, the state can afford it, because the state is awash with money or at least that's what one of the democrat legislator, said, see this is a state that. Does not have a single Republican holes in office statewide not one. And Democrats, don't just enjoy a majority in the two chambers of the California legislature. They enjoy super majorities, therefore you get quotes like this one. From Senator Maria Elena, Deraza. Who according to the Associated Press scoffed at the idea that there was not enough money noting, quote, the state has a projected twenty one point five billion dollar budget surplus when we have, you know, a good budget, then what's the reason for not addressing it close, quote, Senator Deraza said. California's finances. If they were private business. We'll get the accountant thrown in jail. Forbes as this quote, the truth is, there is no revenue surplus, had by California state government. In fact, the state's long run obligations far exceed projected revenue collections to the tune of one trillion dollars in unfunded pension liabilities alone. When factoring in the cost of non pension benefits for state workers, such as health care for retired government employees, the debt facing California taxpayers rises even further. California policy center released a report in two thousand seventeen and it said this quote, combining California's debt with publicly held federal debt, we estimate that total debt to GDP ratio in California of one hundred twenty five percent that makes California compared to Portugal, and Italy. And then they didn't break down on what this means per person in California. Protects payer comes to thirty three thousand dollar debt per resident seventy four thousand dollar. Protect your net. Excludes their share a federal debt. Here's what four of set, quote, this massive, unfunded pension liability, which California taxpayers are on the hook for is something the state legislators in Sacramento continue to ignore acting as, though the problem will go away, on its own or more likely that the federal government will bail them out at the end of the day state and local, unfunded pension liabilities or pegged at five trillion dollars nationwide with California counting for about a fifth of that total. By the way, we have AG out here in California named savior, Xavier Becerra and every now and then a state will pass some law that ticks off the left wing politicians out here in California, and they will add a travel ban of that state. So now there are ten states, the California has has banned that it's employees and state sponsored travel. And those states are. Tennessee, South Carolina. Texas out the coda Oklahoma. North Carolina Mississippi. Kentucky album, Texas. Guess what? Over the past five years into this article in Forbes, California has lost about twenty six hundred people to South Carolina alone who took more than one hundred seventy five million dollars in annual income with them to that state. And during that last five years, California's experience a net loss of more than one hundred twenty one thousand people to the ten states that are on the ban list. And these X Californians have brought more than four billion dollars in annual income to the states that are included. And California's travel ban end of quote, Scott is in Minneapolis, Scott. Thank you very much for calling. I create it. Larry, scott. How are you? Great. I hear you now. Great. Thank you. You did a great job, providing facts, around, billing, alien employment in the US, and the few number of companies that have been signed, or prosecuted for that. I think the question now for you. And your listeners is why do you think they're so few companies, you know being held accountable for that. I think we can guess, but I'd love to think the answer is, I think it's pretty easy to say that you hired somebody had no idea. He was an illegal alien after all you present documents to me. And I don't know anything about documents and because e-verify is not mandatory. A lot of companies are arguing with a straight face. I didn't know one or all was here illegally. I supposed to know. At the C. So y'all. E-verify you hear about that, for, you know, years on what's, what's going on with that. What's going on is Donald Trump would like to make e-verify mandatory. It is not mandatory right now. But that's part of what Donald Trump wants to do. And if he had a cooperative congress, we would be able to get that done, but e-verify would make it mandatory that you check, everybody social security number out through a system and that way, we can more readily. Plug people identify people who are here illegally, using a fake social security number right now e-verify is not required. So people give fake social security number pay some money into the system, the money remains in the system. So there is some gained from that, but it does not at all offset the amount of money that we spend on a legal aliens for healthcare benefits for education benefits, and for the amount of crime committed by illegal aliens, Scott. Thank you very much for the call. I appreciate it. Ed is in New York, New York, Larry elder show. Hilarie. That sounds like New York will be following California pretty quickly, because New York it's almost a rule that you have believe here. Go to Florida this. Right. The point I wanted to make is fifteen percent. Constructions jobs are from illegal aliens, if you come into New York City, now, it's terrible and I'm working on the job now, this union worker, and I'm on a job that allow that what they call open shop job so non union and partially union. Mhm workers. There are just exploited illegal aliens. They were twenty dollars an hour. No benefits, no overtime, no health care. No, nothing. And so how these employers, hire these people with all fake information fill out. I nine form. Why aren't we you know why are we checking up on that ad? I I don't disagree with you. We ought to. And again, here's John Kerry two thousand eight saying, we need Jong border enforced, what happened to that guy. That's what happens. So I.

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