Chief Economist, Ireland, UK discussed on Business Story of the Day : NPR - Brexit Decision Takes A Toll On Ireland's Tourism Industry


Dan o'brien his chief economist at the institute of international in european affairs a dublin thinktank he says only a small percentage of ireland's exports go to the uk but some of those exporters such as farms employ lotta people sophie lose those exports it has a bigger effect on the labour market and people's lives here is there an exchange rate in which the irish economy starts really feel pain wealth that they're generally is on its around the point we are now and there's a lot of fear that it could go to the point where the british pound is equal to one euro that would put businesses out of business exporters aren't the only businesses under pressure the uk is long denied largest market for terrorism katie done heads brexit research for the british irish chamber of commerce is spoken a dublin cafe a short walk from ireland's most popular tourist attraction the guinness storehouse if you're alone physicists from the indiacanada which in america context as a huntable harsh chasm year visit a big reason the fall in the pound is made visiting ireland a lot more expensive for british tourists not everything about brexit is bad for island simon cove knees ireland's foreign minister the overseas the country's policy towards brexit yes there are some upsides earned will become the only englishspeaking country in the european union which is one reason some financial firms plan to add employee's in dublin but ireland's economy is so closely linked to the uk company says the government is urging businesses to plan for the worst we have our agencies of the state working with companies now to help them be what's called brexit ready which is to look asked their reliance on the uk what's exposed in the context of briggs us and how can they try to protect against that.

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