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Patriot on swiss Shirley says hi beauty brands. You have a great podcast. And as a biochemist myself. I really appreciate the science. I have a question about. The stability of retina bought the ordinary one. Percent retinal in squally and grant active retinoids two percent solution before but both have the logo which indicates to us within three months by three months stability. Well after opening right right. However i am not even halfway through the bottle by then seems quite wasteful to just throw it away and buy a new one. I got this crazy idea whether i could alachua into smaller volumes for example. he's a centrifuge in eppendorf tubes which you can get from amazon and then keep them in my home. Negative twenty freeze that way. I can take coming eloquent out. Used for one month or so and then defrost the next one etc. We quite often do something like that in our lab with proteins chemicals. Now i know you're against Not adhering to formula recommendations and this sounds more crazy. The more i think about it but number one really. How long is now stable and most formulas and number two can the emulsion squally mixtures be frozen with reducing their efficacy. While a very clever question. Share shirley i love you. You're awesome well this. She is science. The heck out of these products. I suppose but i will say this..

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