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Bill o'reilly. It's this last Lissa last broadcast of twenty twenty. Thank god i'm not sure. Twenty twenty one is going to be any better. That's one of the things. I wanna ask bill o'reilly and bill if you don't mind because there's such a delay because i'm up in the mountains That i'm just talking all over you. So i i'm to just tell you i wanna i wanna talk about these things. We have eleven minutes or now ten minutes. I want to talk about Donald trump pardoning himself his children who else he should pardon Then i wanna talk to you a little bit about Shoot stu what was the other thing. There's two other things anyway. I wanna talk about that. Then i also wanna talk to you about cova and and the vaccine and then you're probably going to have a recommendation for a book. People can buy for christmas. So that's nine and a half minutes away go. If i'm donald trump. I hold a oval office television address about a week before the inauguration on january thirteenth. I tell the american people that i'm not going to the inauguration. Not because i'm angry with joe biden. But because i believe i'd be a distraction there from the day i'm not gonna go but i'm going to meet with Mr and mrs biden in the white house before breakfast. Leave him a note. Barack obama left for me. That's number one then. I would say. I believe that the election was not honestly held. I hope we get to the bottom of it number three. I would pardon all members of my family from any kind of persecution. I'd use that word and my steps on the federal level. And then i'm sure he's got a list of people that he wants to party is. I'm also gonna pardon some other people You know because. I feel that they're not being treated fairly but you remember. He can't pardon himself on a state level. So it's all federal right But canny navy self. You can pardon himself on a federal level. Yes because i think that was Kind of Kind of murky. Should he could litigated litigated. But the supreme court would rule that he can do it so he he should do it And i think the address should be fifteen minutes very to the point and and just say i'm stepping tried. I may run again. But i really want this election thing cleaned up and i think president biden wants to same thing so i'm going to try to work with him very conciliatory but firm. That's what i would do a week before. The inauguration quickly an additional question. Is there anything else. He should do before he leaves. No i think he's done pretty much all he can do at this point I would in the address to the nation point out that it's a miracle we have covert vaccine and it is should he send like the paris accords to the senate which the republicans would reject and would make it hard or harder for john kerry just to sign up for that thing again. No i wouldn't do that kind of stuff. I would just leave on a high note. And i wouldn't do that because then you just it just gets down into the gutter again. Just leave on a high note. He's done all he can do. I think he did a pretty good job as president myself. I do too. I do too and i think anybody who doesn't recognize. It leased the the historic movement towards peace in the middle east. But you're just not honest alright so now. Let's go to next year. What are you. What do you think next year is going to be like well First of all two thousand and twenty was the worst year in america since nineteen twenty nine and on monday on the nose been news my television broadcast. I'm gonna lay that out for the coming year. I think will Tamp down covert and that will be huge. You're gonna see a return of the obama administration. Joe biden is not an independent contractor so the people elected barack obama and i know that because biden appointed susan rice as his top vise. Susan rice is best friends with barack and michelle obama so the obama administration comes back. You'll see attempted tax hikes and all that but if georgia goes republican mcconnell will be able to block all the madness so i don't see a lot of chaos next year politically if we lose georgia. Then this country veers toward socialism and becomes a chaotic mess. Culturally the civil war ramps up. It's going to be a disaster. But i don't think that's going to happen on the covid front you know. There's all kinds of talk about having to wear masks now until twenty twenty two. In fact. I've heard summer of two thousand twenty two from bill gates until the whole world is vaccinated. Now i it was two weeks then. It was the summer than it was. We don't know and now then it was a vaccine. And now it's the vaccine in everybody's body on earth before we can go back to normal. I'll tell you. I'm going to get the vaccine myself When the Transmission level below a certain point in new york state. Where i live then. I won't wear the mask anymore I don't believe will be masked dates. So i'm just going go a week to week with this thing. I'm gonna be cautious. But i think it'll be tamped down by summer. I have a feeling that there is a new kind of tea. Party that is developing. This is a coalition of not just conservatives and it's going to be driven by people who have lost their jobs and their businesses because of these out of control regulations emerging forces. I see the republicans winning the house in two thousand twenty two as things stand now unless biden his fabulously successful And i do see a backlash coming. When the cleveland indians can't even have a pow no things i can tell you. I mean that i mean i. When did cleveland become the city of wusses is the answer is they haven't yet. They haven't the city to the people in the city can't be for that. No they're not and san francisco nights. Renaming abraham lincoln high school. I'm not going to san francisco back..

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