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Kenny elliott run certitude cleaning services in new york they do everything regular clinton company would do until they get a call from the police or then they might have to have to like sweep up after a road accidents and attended deaths even suicides their traumatic there are traumatic cleaning duo who focus on cleaning crime scenes they you know they do everything from like bodily fluids blood needle grows mike question is would you be able to handle a job like this one time i was driving on driving through castro valley one five eighty no i saw a truck for the same company i can't believe people actually do this for a living there is no way in heck i would be able to but i also told you guys how my trainer like his other job is to late transport bodies and like i i was like how do you do that he says after a while like is just a job you don't even think about what you're doing so it's probably the same thing there's people out there you don't even think about what they're you know moppingup how you detached yourself from that it becomes part of your routine but are you still have to think and you're walking into a crime scene you're probably wondering what the hell happened there i mean this has got to be i could not do this either crystal there's not a chance and there's no bleach and you know like mask could wear that could make half million dollar salary i'll do it like i heard they actually get paid pretty well but yeah i'm not down smelled gleaming very sensitive so absolutely not so i have a morning.

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