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Integrations are down some of the glimmers of hope and optimism expressed yesterday by president trump have the Dow up more than eleven hundred points business analyst Jill **** and everyone should be pretty clear that these have been such a volatile days that it's hard to say that the worst is over bad days figure to be ahead in Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer warning residents to stay home limit those trips make them quick and limited to precisely what you need and return to your home a tiger at the Bronx zoo who tested positive for the virus animal expert Jim Lowe we don't know that any animals cats the the the the cats are domestic cats have gotten sick with the corona virus they certainly been infected there are still needs for ventilators in places across the country California is now offering to help California he's been working with Silicon Valley their source ventilators had to piece back together old ventilators now governor Gavin Newsom saying recognizing the places like New York New Jersey and Louisiana are in immediate need California is going to loan five hundred state owned ventilators to this strategic stockpile inventory Newsome saying he can't turn his back on fellow Americans and the California may need the favor returned soon as ABC's Alex stone in Germany chancellor Angela Merkel says it's too early to consider ending restrictive measures put in place because of code nineteen but she says she is as anxious as anyone for life to return to normal in our country Buerkle says both he and the government would come under fire if she prematurely ended those restrictions European officials are scheduled to hold a video conference tomorrow to discuss the crisis Merkel says the European Union is facing its greatest test since its founding that has hit every nation British prime minister Boris Johnson's in the hospital over concerns about a persistent fever from covert nineteen as Britons are urged to keep calm he wear a dress from the queen I have been the it has to come everyone will be able to take pride in how they responded to this challenge the ninety three year old monarch rallying her country as the crisis hits close to home Charles testing positive we should take comfort that well we may have most children deal better days are over ten cases here are spiking the death toll at nearly five thousand bodies ABC's Maggie Rulli the wave of sick coronavirus patience is overwhelming hospitals A. B. C.'s motor because our Abby tells us some medical workers living apart from their families for different reasons you know Landel Florida nurse Kyle McBride has been living separately from his wife and four kids for weeks already we all need to lock arms and join other community in the United so we can get this virus over with him and get back to our normal lives we're all heroes we end in Minnesota Leon Hernandez is leaving her husband and three young children for two months to travel to New York to help hospital workers there we talked about should I just stay here and wait until the need is greater in Minnesota but one thing that I think puts me over the edge is the fact that the need is so great in New York the world health organization's emergencies chief says countries looking to exit their lockdown strategies need to use a calibrated step wise approach that does not release all the restrictions at once Dr Mike Ryan said today the lockdown seen in many countries involved shut downs of schools workplaces and social gatherings in venues like public places and parks and he says it would probably be a bad idea to lift all restrictions it once noting that country should be looking to transition out of a shut down without having a plan in place to keep the spread of covert nineteen to manageable levels with the corona virus death toll continued to rise in New York City the mayor there build the Blasi says the city may be dealing with some temporary burials councilman mark Levine tweeted burials would take place in city parks in trenches would be dug for ten caskets in a line that's if the coronavirus death rate does not drop far enough he says Levin who heads the health committee says hospitals morgues funeral homes and cemeteries are getting backed up mayor de Blasio was asked about it we may well be dealing with temporary burials so we can then deal with each family later the mayor ads trying treat every family with dignity respect religious needs of those who are devout riders correspondent spot Scott Pringle reporting this.

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