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Nineties fine one twenty it looks good between route to and route nine that's about ten or eleven minutes there David Struff Pelino WBZ twenty four hour traffic network now a check of the four day WBZ accu weather forecast here's Dave don back partly to mostly cloudy skies tonight lows from twenty four and some of the outlying areas to thirty three in the city for tomorrow plenty of cloudiness will be a spotty shower it'll be breezy milder during the afternoon the high fifty one clouds lingering tomorrow night low forty on Saturday becoming mostly sunny it'll be a pretty nice day for late December high forty nine on Sunday some sunshine giving way to increasing cloudiness high forty five and rain will over spread the area Sunday night I'm accu weather meteorologist Dave Dombeck WBZ Boston's news radio right now it's twenty eight degrees in Danvers thirty five in Chelsea thirty three and Milton thirty five degrees and overcast in Boston at nine OO five Jurassic world life to or sixty five million years in the making Jurassic world dinosaurs come to life epic adventure Israel experience Jurassic world live tour tickets are on sale now coming to again as Serena at Boston University March twenty seventh through April fifth for tickets visit Jurassic world like Tor dot com when we told our accountants we were giving five percent off and Bernie and fills they were slightly confused you're kidding when we said we were getting ten percent off they were concerned where and when we decided to give up to fifteen percent off with zero percent.

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