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That environment as well. And tonight he was without Two starters on the offensive line, and he was going up against a ferocious defensive front on a football team that is going to challenge in the NFC the beat of representative in the Super Bowl, So you have to keep that in context. I think, as long as he is getting the beginning the calls out in the huddle, making sure that he's making the right checks protecting himself generally as far as making protection calls and throwing the football With relative accuracy. You have to take that as a win because this is a football team Greece that's a long way away from contending No, There's no question and I think they have an identity crisis. Right now. This is a an experiment of trying to meld two offenses that are completely different. The one that Darrell Bevell and the NFL traditional style and what urban Meyer is bringing from college. Spread, which is what Trevor Lawrence did in college. And so he's familiar with that, and they're trying to make it work together, And that's an experiment that's hard to do on the NFL level. So, uh, you have the the the the talent at Jacksonville. That's not as great as some of the other teams in the league. And then on top of that, you pile this identity crisis and It's going to be an interesting year, for sure for Trevor Lawrence Jaguars were dominated early in this one. Superdome really hasn't been kind to Trevor Lawrence. He's played three times there since his claims and days he's lost each time, including the preseason game. On Monday. There was also the 2019 national title game against L s U and a 2020 semi final loss against Ohio State. Jags also saw running back Travis Etienne leave with an apparent foot injury from the Monday night matchup. SportsCenter all night ESPN radio tray lands.

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