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Fox News. NewsRadio, Kale, BJ. I'm John Cooley in Topping Austin's News takes out, Speaker Dennis Bonding, is pulling no punches over Austin's cut to policing. Bonnin says he believed on Stones Mayor Steve Adler when he initially stated he opposed the funding efforts. He first said it I was very optimistic because I took that to mean he understands de funding. The police is stupid. Lebanon says Adler is now in major damage control mode by claiming the capsule. Never actually defunded AP D Bond and says it did happen and it likely will have ripple effects that will scare away people in companies who want to move to Austin, The city of Cedar Park approves its new budget in tax rate. The city says the new rate is at its lowest point since 1998. But with property values rising, the average homeowner may still pay about $2 in 65 cents more a month. Across Texas Grow virus numbers are starting to look a bit better. The positivity rate has fallen to a little more than 7.5%, which is the level last seen back in June. LBJ RADAR Weather Watch 76 degrees Low 66 Get Austin News on demand at news radio k LBJ dot com. Live and local every afternoon to toe four. This is Marc, Melinda and Ed on NewsRadio, K O B. J Call or text them in 5123605 90. Thanks for taking my call. Now. Marc, Melinda and Melinda. How you doing? Is that the voice of mark season so glad you're back this afternoon. It's good to be back. We missed in the first hour of the market. Melinda show. Yeah, That was good. Thanks to Kenny for his morning. Very, very great show, Ed. How are you, sir? Mark? Glad to hear your voice, too. I'm glad you're back to. It's a beautiful, beautiful day in the neighborhood. And what a gorgeous day we have a wish was cool as it was yesterday. But it it is still not 100 great. You know, it's still a great start of a long horn football weekend. Yes, sir. You just heard in the Fox News update about this fire's raging in Oregon and other Western states in Portland. The mayor Ted Wheeler, is now calling for people to evacuate. Certain areas is getting so intense that they don't know, New York Times says there's a problem. Yeah, People don't want to leave because they're worried about these reports. And Antifa has been setting the fires and is going in and looting after people leave that. That is a horrible thought that they're willing Tio sacrificed their lives because there's already been this way. Idea out there. You've already seen it play out for over 100 days in Portland that this is going on. While that may not be the case, or the reason why the fire's air happening. It's a reasonable thought to cross these people's mind. With the exception of Being willing to put their life on the line just so that they don't get looted. They really should. I mean, if you get Lou did you get looted is better than losing your life. But after over 100 nights of riots by Antifa There's plenty of evidence for people to think. Well, this could be happening. It could be true. It's over 100 days market, You know, I'm with the president. And with most clear thinking, Americans, this has gotta end. This has gotta end in Portland. It is ridiculous. This has gone on for 100 days, and some people in Portland are exactly right. Would you want to leave your business or or a piece of property near downtown thinking that some Yahoo is going to come And burn our loot or destroy it. It's awful there. It's totally awful. New survey of people in the Portland area and the Metro Portland area finds the majority say that Antifa is engaging in riots. These air, not protests. The majority's say the police are not being tough enough on Antifa. And you go right down the list. Majorities say these are riots there, not protests, and they're sick of it. They want something to be done about these riots was interesting when they're asking about the Who who is not doing their job. They believe. Of course, it's not the mayor stepping in and doing the job and then they also Yeah. They also blame the governor and then President Trump, which is interesting because Trump has taken a different stance on it. Then you've seen the mayor and the governor take on it, but it's just Is that question? How How would you like to see this? And what would you like to be done? How would you like this to be? Put out I don't know how they would answer that. Well, it's tough for the police because the mayor keeps holding them back. Now. He won't let them use their deaths on the anti fur rioters, and it's clear from this survey. The people are sick of it, and I wanted to end the war. Judge issues riot. It is a riot. It is not a peaceful protest. I don't believe in a peaceful protest. You should ever used tear gas and a peaceful protest. But this is obviously not people. It's a night. It's violent. It is a riot. And how do you expect the police to do any good if they're taking some tools away for them? And a riot situation on this 9 11 anniversary. President Trump went to Pennsylvania and he honored the people on flight 93 All of this great heroes who rose up and defeated the terrorists and took him out before they could fly The plane into their target. Here is part of what the president said in his speech. Anything that stood between the enemy And a deadly strike. At the heart of American democracy was the courage and resolve 40 men and women. The amazing passengers and crew of flight 93 the Navy seal. Rob O'Neill, who killed Osama bin Laden is doing an interview today and he said, We all believed we were going to die on that mission to get bin Laden and we were all talking leading up to it and actually on the flights going in about the things that inspired us to go ahead, even though we knew we were going to die. We wouldn't come home and the people on flight 93, where one group of Americans that inspired the seals at night, right because they took matters into their own hands, knew what was going on on said We're not going to let that happen on our watch, Even if that means we go down. We're going down anyway. So let's try Tio make the casualties as less as possible. Here's more of what the president had to say. In Pennsylvania. Today, Every heartbeat in America is wedded to yours. Pain and anguish is the shared grief. Of our whole nation. The memory of your treasured loved ones will inspire America for all time to come. What are you Don't said, Mark. You know, when I woke up this morning, I thought what we were doing 19 years ago. What you and Sam and when we're on the air when we watched on TV.

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