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NPR NEWS Washington You're listening to NPR knees. This is W. N. Y. C in New York. I'm David. First New York attorney general test. James is suing the city of New York and the Police department and calling for a court to monitor how the NYPD handles protests going forward. James says Police Commissioner Dermot Shea had many opportunities to reform how his department handled civil unrest, but instead double down on aggressive tactics that violate the constitution. It did not train. It did not supervise. It did not stop found more than 155 incidents of excessive and unreasonable force against demonstrators since last summer. She says. Without court intervention, the department quote is likely to continue harming New York residents. Neither the and wiped nor the mayor's office has yet responded to our request for comment. City public advocate Jimani Williams is calling on Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo to unify the chaotic computer system that has made it challenging for people to sign up to get vaccinated. Williams says that since the state dramatically expanded the number of people eligible ship for shots earlier this week there have been widespread reports of system crashes. We have to make sure that people who need it the most Getting it and not missing out because they can't Patrick Technology test of being put forth on every level of government. City and state leaders acknowledge the problem and say they are.

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