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Mike wells, Tim Montemayor infertility today. And you might that's the one thing. That's most important to me before we talk saints. And Rams I really just hope that the the game. I hope that the patriots and the Rams lives up to the hype. Because I think it's got the potential to be a fantastic football game. I do I really don't want to spend my time stuff on my face. I want to enjoy a good football game where I can take bites every few minutes instead of saying this is boring. I wanna take a nap. I just wanna keep eating. So what I do believe it does have a great making. 'cause you. You look at that defense would Aaron Donald and sue and to leave over there. Gordon gets Tom Brady and that offense, and then you also have Bill Belichick eluded to in his ability to scheme. Get a great defensive scheme against Sean McVay, and golf and girly. And that offense it is going to be a definitely a gigantic chess match came to Kenner new breed beat the old breed. That's going to be the biggest question, Mark. Everybody's going to be talking about all week leading the Super Bowl. And it by the way, it's been really quiet. And I know that the teams you know, are just getting to Atlanta over the weekend and whatnot. But they're this story in New Orleans, and let's get to that. Because people are still all over this story with the saints in the Rams from the NFC championship game. And maybe that's been good for preparing for the for the game further Rams in the patriots. But I'm over it, Mike, and I don't mean to be harsh. And I don't mean to be a jerk about it. I'm so done hearing about the past interference play. It was one call in a game. And if the saints had not kicked field goals early in this game that call probably isn't the difference. I mean, it's all whining and crying. And basically the people who were just complaining nonstop about a given some passive fires. Because it's become it's childish now like you said they were plays earlier in a game. They had a chance to get Gilhead and really get touchdowns instead of foot field goals. And then you put yourself in that position. And all yes, it was a bad call. It was an atrocious. Non actually, I should take not call. It was an atrocious non-call, but to spend the entire week whining and crying about it. This is the NFL's version of UCF football football trying to say they deserve to be one of the playoff teams. They should be this. They should be that the saints are saying they should be in the Super Bowl. You know, what had they not making the Saint that made mistakes earlier in the game. They will not put themselves in a position where they had to settle for Phil will eventually lose the game in overtime defending the NFL because the NFL is a flat out embarrassment for not making that call. But at the same time get over let it pass and enjoy the game next weekend and just hope that drew Brees get to the Super Bowl next season. And by the way, I think part of this is is we talk. About the Rams and saints NFC championship game missed interference call here on ESPN radio part of this is on their play. I don't know how many people realize this Roby Coleman was in the wrong spot. That's what set this whole thing is the scheme that had Tommy Lee Lewis who's a wide receiver lined up in the backfield. Confused, the LA Rams in Robie Coleman wound up in the wrong spot. He was honest about it. He owned it by the way, he was he was fine this week for the helmet to helmet hit on Tommy Lewis. But as much detriment and beating as the officials have taken I think, Sean McVeigh as an innovator in whatnot wasn't prepared for that, Sean Payton actually had a great formation called. And he won the game on that plate. Now pass interference wasn't called the Rams should own. Some of the fact Mike that they were out of position. They should for the fact, and I guess, you know, what being out of position paid off by getting away with the help of the helmet. And also that the pass affairs Carboneau, it was basically Sean Payton outsmart at Sean McVay in in that situation on that play. Where clearly they had no idea what was going on. I know. I know we're talking about how the Rams messed up. But I just can't get over the fact that there were like probably one point five million photos of the place where you have to officials on the sideline looking at the plate. Okay. By the way, by the way, real quick. How did they miss their call? One. I mean, they're both looking at it. How do you miss it? And I mean, I've heard some crazy stories about how they should handle replay issue right there. That's all you have to worry about the ball was over there. It's not like they were, you know, seven or eight players all bought a bundle on the sideline which I'm about to players. All right. Well, let me ask you this. Then is is is we rehash this situation with the non pass interference call. Let me ask you this. Then the NFL has not said word one about that play. Roger Goodell is not said a word about that play. The only thing we've heard is the fine. I'm what was it? Like a twenty six thousand seven hundred dollars for Nicole Roby Coleman for a helmet to helmet hit on the play should the NFL in European Mike have come out and made a statement about the call Syndey statement, ever, listen, if you're gonna if you're gonna call Sean Payton before right before he addresses the media after the game have Peyton though you enter the bus and say the NFL called and said he messed up. Come out with a statement and say artificial vista play. I would say dot apology doesn't do anything acknowledged that. You made the mistake acknowledging say the league messed up and whether you're going to reprimand those official or whatnot. But you can't sit here and try to grab a broom as sweep it under the rug digging. Nobody's gonna lift at rug up and realized there's they're called the NFL for missing that play. All right. Let's get collartoo in here. Triple eight say ESPN, Dave from the jersey shore, you're on ESPN radio. Hello. Guys. How are you? Great show. Good. What's on your mind? Well, I'm ram fan. And and I think that. Really has to take some accountability. For losing the game. I think every time you hear somebody from the saints talk about they talk about the tragedy the call, but they have plenty of shots. A lot of things went their way. It was a huge facemask all that was missed right before the drawing. What are they didn't get the past experience? Call and. If the. Have all been first and goal on a one yard line. If the Rams went in and scored a touchdown. They would have been out by four points. Yeah. And I think that's the best point right there. Dave. And I appreciate the call from the shore. I think that's the best point had the New Orleans Saints done their job early in this game and scored touchdowns instead of field goals, they likely are going to the Super Bowl. And that's the biggest difference. You can sue you can put it on the Senate floor. That's not going to change things. But what about Tom Brady? How many rings are left on the table? Let's go to Foxborough next and ask Jim McBride from the Boston Globe on ESPN radio. Football.

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