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So you don't feel bad about. But I'll be like, well, the thing not the crust, and it's not a whole piece. The rationalization of. So I'm not that we raft of self control are sort of getting the the the super thin crust doesn't feel there is no crust to discard their the whole thing. I wish that there was a speaker that that you could broadcast your thoughts. I don't too. So that you could hear this you hear the fact that it's just you rationalizing with you. Why you're gonna put more manage on something? I don't I don't really have to. I it doesn't really matter because I'm having put some mustard as well. That's that's healthy. That's got a vegetable in it. I well, doesn't you know tomorrow I'm going to start working out. Anyway, it doesn't like you're like who you talking to. He put the put them in the thing. It is between you your body. And God like, there's you know. Gross washing. But it is a painting. Normally, I wouldn't I sorted out. And then now I had extra in the United. Around. But real us just sitting there going, you're lying lying. You're telling that, you're not telling the truth. Here's what I wish. I wish there is a speaker that instead instead it broadcast your thoughts or along with your thoughts. They could be like cool. That's going to be four hundred twenty calories. Cool. That's you know, what the numbers, you're you're. So you're so over what you want to be today, you know, at least in California. I don't know if they do this everywhere, but they put the calories count in fast food restaurants cured me if I do you like what I looked at the we went to pizza. Rub the other. And the the thin crust his. Way less than their other Crofts like and the and the one that people grow yet, I'm gonna get the caliph lower when I'm going to be good. Okay. Well, that one's seven hundred sixty calories and the thin crust because I was I hate cauliflower even when his drenched and cheese or roasted with garlic. Whatever is it. Because of the the words cauliflower ear because that's why. No. But that's interesting. I don't I. Yeah..

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