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I'm gonna say a collecting insects correct again ask that makes sense common makes sense sense yes the word pokemon comes from the words pocket and monsters which we all know this is exactly how ici all insects too little monster i want to put in my pocket in two thousand eleven republican candidate for president herman cane made headlines with these trades poke him on related story what was it a during a debate he called mitt romney is squirrel be he criticised pokemon kurds as being gambling for kids or see during a speech he said he was quoting a poet and then recited a song lyric from poke him on the movie two thousand i feel like i recognize a from something is that correct a he called mitt romney a squirrel yeah i feel like i don't lists idea but it is not correct it was actually during speech he said he was quoting a poet and then recited alewine from the song pokphand the movie two thousand that is a good movie don't even it will the line was life can be a challenge can seem impossible but it's never easy when there's so much on the line yeah he said it was a poet but it's it's a lyric from on hold the power of one performance by donna summer iraq can we've got a couple more which is a true story that happened in connection with the advent of the reality game pokemon go a it was banned in iran because of safety concerns b two people broke into the toledo zoo after hours to catch poke him on or see the national park service issued a statement encouraging visitors to look up from their poke him on games and enjoy nature.

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