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Hello boxes. Hello decorations. Hello. Dust. Need any help there? Now, got it. Mom. I'm sorry. I was up there for so long. It took forever to find what I was looking for. And then it got distracted. And I got sucked in and then there was this. Big candy cane in that, really. A what an imagination you have are used to be just like you. It's not just my imagination. This really happened. You're only up there two minutes. Maybe three tops is everything. Okay. What are you hiding behind your back? I just thought maybe it might make you feel better to have some hot cocoa from our favorite case monks. Yes. Please. I'll heat up the stove. And so they sat mother and daughter sipping hot cocoa while snow began to fall outside. Maybe we could go get a tree tomorrow. That sounds like a great idea. Honey, can we put that tin soldier ornament on it? Ten soldier? Yeah. With the glossy black boots tall, shiny helmet and the crooked left arm. We don't use that one Holly. But why not we don't? I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's just old. Why don't you go? Find your brother. I think he wanted some help making his car to mail to grandma and with the events of the day, slipping from her mind Holly, Jeremy got to work, cutting up Christmas catalogs to decorate their cards for the grandmother. But up in the attic Holly's mother was all alone sitting crosslegged on the floor with a small shiny box in her lab. A box that had earlier that day then covered in dust. That housed the tin soldier ornament with glossy black boots, a tall, shunning home and a left arm that was ever so slightly from she turned the tin soldier ornament over revealing the logo on the bag made in the USA. Why the Remington toy company? And meanwhile in Christmas land conductor, what business do you bring before the Christmas council today council snowmen frost, less human ear inn Christmas line today and strange things started happening. I bet the last treat in my advent calendar that she'll be back and these are only going to get worse for us. Frost Jackie please, Christmas and could be ruined forever. Interesting. And what do you propose we do about it? I have some ideas. But the conductor wasn't the only person wondering what to do next back in the town square. The Queen was standing in front of the Christmas tree staring at a small ornament who I was Holly sent here. What is happening in the human world Remington, please wake up I need to get to the bottom of this. That ornament was small tin soldier with glossy black boots a tall shining helmet and a slightly. Left arm. This episode was written and directed by Adam gong, and Geno nor the script was edited by Alex Rio. This episode was recorded mixed and scored by Adam gong with additional music by Ken Miller, featuring vocal performances by Adam. Geno, nor Alex review, Jake, nor care Chisholm cherise LeBron as well as Joel Michelle Kliesch. Welcome to Tinseltown is produced by Dave caney. Welcome to Tinseltown is at triangle content production.

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