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Now to storm team for meteorologist Mike Standiford Ngeny once again that breaking news from the National Weather Service most the region under ice storm warning. Until 7 a.m. Sunday morning with the winter weather advisory in effect for the foreign northern suburbs, and what that means is that much of the area now could see I secretions of a quarter inch or more, and we're watching a big area of moisture around the Charlottesville area, and that is moving to the Northeast coming right toward the metro area. So it is I see now it may become even more I see over the next several hours, so for the staff in freezing rain will continue. That tries mixed with sleet and snow. Obviously it's icy now, and I think it may become even more icy, especially after sunset Tonight at 5 44. That temperature is the home of the twenties to lower thirties for the remainder of the afternoon. Tonight, freezing real paper after freezing drizzle, but that drizzle will continue from much of the night putting down maw rise along with some freezing fog. Carlos in the twenties to lower thirties, some freezing drizzle early on Sunday. Then we'll get above freezing, so we'll see. Some melting could be fuel light showers again by evening highs on Sunday 35 to 40 cloudy cold on Monday could be rain or a wintry mix by late the day highs. 35 to 40. Temperatures still at or below freezing camp Springs 29. Leesburg 28 is 28, Gaithersburg and Jenny. We have a temperature of 30 with some sleep at Reagan National. Thank you, Mike it to 21 30 degrees outside our studios brought to you by new Look home design. Find out why 30,000 homeowners have chosen new look to do their roof now to 22. CBS News.

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