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Canales this art look in an entrepreneur i heard this one thing someone said once that entrepreneurs i was watching the interview and he said people think entrepeneurs are risktakers but there are actually exactly the opposite wherever good on norte get less risky exactly yes they're going to do something where the consulate so i had an idea here's what i thought i thought an entrepreneur as an idea put everything in it and then it just miraculously become i never thought about what can happen if i put everything in it and it doesn't go in the right way but turns out that the first six years that i was building my company everything was calculated i was doing everything through kept but i got the golden touch it got overconfident and suddenly i threw the calculations out and just brought eagle so you started thinking everything you did would automatically works and you forgot to analyse golden globe man i thought i had the golden touch i could do whatever i wanted and it would work and that is pointblank those youth and it was ego all right i just wasn't paying attention now the third thing that i noticed was not listening to my mentors okay because exactly what i should have done what i eventually did to get myself out i was told to years beforehand by my mentor so this has been let's talk of and so there's a three good lessons that we have all learned that have been doing this thing yeah for sure dole take certain people ask me about bitcoin encrypt o how much though i should i invested in bitcoin quipped i'm like well how much do you make year fifty grand well then put a hundred bucks in crypto worst case did you lose it he added some people only half fifty grand they put all fifty grand because they think everything automatically goes up and that's not how the game a life works.

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