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That's really great. And you know the opportunity is capital but also the other opportunity is having somebody interested in using your right. So it's the distribution method there. Tell us a little bit more about that. Yeah yeah it's it's it's absolutely you know to a big aspects of value. Ray you have have capital and investment and you have aligning yourself as a customer and in two big buckets right. And so if i were to say you know we're the value of the venture network comes from right and what that looks like is actually put it as kind of two different sides of the coin so really on the first side of the coin. You have this strategic investor side right and you have. How do we help our health systems from that perspective and my take is really there. There aren't many if any organizations that have a better pulse on the digital healthcare landscape. Today right we talked about that. That's kind of her day job. That's day one for us at abuja and things like you know what are the trends power. Companies uniquely position. You know who's seeing the market traction within the space and so that gives us a really incredible unique vantage point to service some of these carry investment opportunities where you also look within our space of kind of how our health systems happened to their the network from adventure perspective and thinking about things like their socializing betting investment opportunities amongst each other. You know socializing. Their portfolio companies added value from that perspective. And really you know. Can they leverage some of the experience from the broader group to put him bus practices that their specific organization so in the health system side at that really puts us in a really unique position. If you combine all those things but masao kind of what you were getting at right is the value added from a company perspective. Is i think as you kind of touched on right. The statement holds true. Capital is not all the same. And you know great. Ceos and entrepreneurs really see that a lot of the folks that you know you interview on a daily basis that right and there's so much value in aligning with a strategic health system investor. It goes way beyond just the cash the check right and this group homes a really really interesting valuable source of capital for companies. That really see that. And so you know we we kind of sit in the middle of those two really help connecting kind of both parties and it's challenging right if you're a healthcare organization looking to see what's out there you know and maybe you have a strategic investment arm. Mike a third of the group does. Maybe you don't but the reality is there still a ton of companies out there that are doing great things some that are not and how do you know and then the other thing is integration into the system. How long is taking right in. A big factor is trust and getting through a lot of the due. Diligence oftentimes accompany could get bought or go out of business. Have you seen some of this. John and tell me a little bit more about you. Know what makes obvious different and better than what might be available to these health systems today. Yeah absolutely and i think it's such a changing landscape and not only just more broadly but even now in the wake of code. Things are changing at such a rapid pace. That it's really really hard to keep your finger on the pulse. And so i mean if i think about you know what makes us different in the market. I feel like i kind of touch base on that right. Just before and the differences between you know health systems and companies in the value they gleaned from our work specifically. But if i if i were to talk about value and just overall improved outcomes right i really just walked through. Maybe just a memory sample of some of our work and past. Yeah yeah that'd be great. Yeah the best way to talk about is an example and all of this is public information so you know how to respect our members. All blinded formation. Yeah absolutely but so early. Last year we surfaced a company through one of our textile event services to company called trestle and the twists will is their their company. That's tackling kind of care plan automation and patient engagement. More broadly but at the end of the day. They're kind of really laser focused on you know how. How do we better engage. Patients their digital in kind of a scalable way right at the end of the day improve patient outcomes kind of their niche and through our process they received a ton of interest from the broader group and and actually openly one of our health systems co lead the route which is fantastic and so they raised a total of sixteen million and actually we ended up. Having to other health systems. Investors joined the route. So now you have you know one company three strategic tulsa semesters all together so that's an exciting outcome from from our perspective rates so as a company you have three big brand name health system as strategic investors that are really packed onto your effort and either they are current clients break. Because that's some might be might need to kind of have that in place in order to invest or their hopefully future clients. And but i.

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