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Of the small this wayne returning to the brings is rich vein the brain and rich came from with he's with quick books he's actually with us firm called whip fly l l p and outweighs late with flee all right well there is an enlarged is on the line with us he joins us from buffalo grove rich good to be back with you could me back with you to dated highly sylla yeah go ahead please though today i thought i would likely to cover some uh topic in thought on parole anther small business owners you know a lot of the things the clock in their mind are gene when do i had a draft member what do i do what i want talk about adding people to all so i just thought we'd like roberson generality dan you know i'm a payroll at back i love it i love it let's let's you drive this go ahead please what's on top of mind that you'd like business owners to know you know one of the things that everyone thinks all right you're going to pay company hourly rate or you're gonna pay them a dallari what they often need to consider is there are several employer payroll taxes so not only do you have to pay salary of the way disturbing employee who we the business are responsible for several what we call employer tack podcast martina social security medicare um and contributing to be uh federal and a wonderful state unemployment fun so should there be some sort of agreement with you in the employee and going they file unemployment the money that we're getting from every time you're hey your employees uh you have to contribute alter to eight unemployment fought to no not every employer remember that they owe not only the way dirt they.

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