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Drugs on the pacific coast highway up to one hundred and fifty miles per hour eighty notice the ferrari cars this. He asked the response was it. Sammy hagar's you should call him and get him in the band. Yes now my a lot of sense for a couple of different reasons. Eddie and alex van halen were both huge fans of the first montross album own which sammy hagar lee. Eddie and sammy had met backstage at a couple of music festivals and had hit it off and producer ted temple. Men had actually toyed with the idea of replacing. David lee roth with sammy. Hagar for van halen's first album eddie asked. If zan police had hagar's phone number zappala gave it to him and eddie immediately walked into the main office of the garage to make the call to the red rocker. Interestingly hagar had predicted that a call from van halen would comb hate heard from his manager about routes departure before it was made public and told his wife right then quote. They're gonna call me. You watch a reason that the only quote free agent rock singers at the time. Were ozzy osbourne ronnie james dio and himself. He figured that he was the best fit of those three. He said that the call went something. Light quote. I'm looking at your car right here. Man wanted to come down to. Let's jam joined the band in k now. There is a sad story that the band also talked to eric martin. Around the same time he would go onto front. Mr big a few years later. Wow i never knew who actually fronted mr big. I only saw the video for be with you. The one the one to to be to be with you. Yeah which is a great song there. Many hit right this the medley of their many hit they had i think three or four. But that's obviously the biggest one but he had actually put out a solo album in early nineteen ninety-five. He's supposedly had a conversation with a in which he was given as pronounced backhanded compliment as can be offered with eddie offering a quote. Your album sucks. But you've got an incredible voice. Well i'm not that. I'll make you leave the with site. Praise also debt the damning with the classic no disrespect as we say in jersey disrespect. Just insult the crampons. Your album completely sucks. I asked but you can say so. Good news there yeah yes. You're album sucks. Hunt it but you're not without your charms. Yeah exactly. apparently they actually arranged to audition. Martin but in the interim ran into sammy hagar talked about his upcoming audition for van. Halen according to society of raw morton intimidated at the prospect of having to compete with the season singer. Like hagar and quote chicken out intraday. Just show lot. He said he literally chickened out. And never even went to the audition. Hagar showed up to eighty fifty one fifty studio in a press or money jacket which decidedly put him in a quote overdressed for the occasion category. Nella manali said it was better to be overdressed than under dressed correct but hagar said the studio quote smelled like the worst bar on the planet like an f. in bar that hadn't been cleaned for one hundred years. Sue cigarette butts and ashes beer cans and liquor bottles old. Peso boxes were strewn everywhere. Sammy said that it was actually a little bit refreshing to say that. Because he said you know here. I am wearing armani suit. I'm driving a ferrari and got all of a suddenly rich and of eating in the finest restaurants he said. I've gotten a little bit too sophisticated and he walked in and saw these nasty drunk guys smoking but but playing. Just ask and rock and roll. He was like okay. This is a rock and roll band. This is what. I need to get back to the van. Halen brothers when sammy rav work. Quite draw but eddie started playing a rift that he'd been working on. Sammy stepped up to the microphone and he just started freestyle and some lyrics but those included the line summer nights and my radio nice. Hey mainly scattered for the remainder of the song which impressed by any anion van highland etienne alex's father who had apparently been present for at least a portion of what turned into a twelve hour jam session that i improvise lurk would turn into the song. Summer nights quote. I've never seen such a spark. Was that first day in the studio. We started playing and sammy started singing. It just click. It was magic. Said that was the start of the first song sammy wrote with the band. So we're going to have our first musical break of episode and we're going to hear the finished product. Here is van halen with their soon to be lead singer. Sammy hagar and summer nights..

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