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Is joining us in El Paso, Texas, where the. Homeland security secretary Kirstin Nielsen is expected. There with you. Yes. So she'll essentially personally oversee the deployment of seven hundred fifty more customs and border protection agents who are coming here to the area to help with the logistics of what she says it's been a major surge an influx of migrants coming into the country through the ports of entry. But also to the unsecured parts of the border as well sort of backing up, but what the president has said making her presence known here in order to see that done here over the next few weeks. More personnel will be coming here and not only to watch the points between the ports of entry. But also to process the paperwork on thousands of people who showed up here in the interest of the last few weeks. Joe Jim, do you get a you get a sense of frustration? I do and let me explain I'm frustrated that it's difficult to get a clear answer whether or not there is a crisis and emergency at the border. I wished that wasn't a political answer. But we could just get a real answer as to whether or not there is an ongoing. Crisis. There. Well, you're right. To if you look at two different scenarios here. The president says the crisis involves people coming across the border between the ports of entry that that's a crisis people's slipping into the country illegally and then making their way off into the into the heartland of the country. That's the crisis he points to others here. Those who oppose the wall etcetera. Say that the the crisis is a humanitarian crisis the thousands of people who are sitting here with with questionable food and water trying to find a place to shelter. They make their wins the country at the porch. So there really are two different scenarios. And I think it is a critical question Joe is there a crisis humanitarian crisis is there a border crisis. I think it depends upon your political leanings to say, yes, or no ABC's Jim Ryan who's joining us this morning from El Paso there at the border with Mexico. Six thirteen now on Orlando's morning news. This is your Washington watchdog, Jamie Dupree. You're listening to six AM expanded newsfeed on news ninety six five WDBO. Good morning. I'm Rika Puta, and.

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