CNN, Lynnwood, Washington Post discussed on Sean Hannity


Now in his pocket, and then fighting for the rest of the money while we're building the wall progress has not stopped its ongoing as we speak doing the repairs to other parts of the wall and that that's Lynnwood Lynnwood. I when I interviewed I talked to him when I talked to him and interviewed him. He was I think we kept him on for an hour when he took on Nichols Sandman and cut you remember the Covington kids that were confronted by the black Hebrew Israelites getting in their face and calling them every name in the book. And then a native American activists eighth and Phillips and it was intimidating in. The whole story was wrong. Nobody nobody in the press bothered to even ask a single question. Like, they never do. And they rush to judgment and no due process, and because it hurts Trump. It's days and days of coverage. Now, Lynn woods. First lawsuit was against the Washington Post, some two hundred fifty million dollars. And now the new one is against fake news CNN for about the same amount of money with my buddy, Mark Levin last night. And there are potentially if we start adding in small websites other media outlets traditional media outlets because they're all guilty of the same thing. CNN is now named by Lynnwood a second two hundred and fifty million dollars slander suit Lynn is going to win. They went on and on for two full days, smearing slandering libeling besmirching the character of this kit. You know, look, he's not a public. Although the they're going to try and make highschool care to public figure who did it and said nothing just because he went on a school trip your sewing CNN Monday or Tuesday. Yes, asked her how much we'll aspect because of the way they went after nNcholas so viciously that the claim for his reputational damage. We'll be higher than it was against the Washington Post. The post was fifty million dollars for the reputational damage, and we can discuss why that figure two hundred million in damages punitive damages or designed to punish and to deter change conduct. Don't ever do this again. I would think the pinch damages award against CNN. We'll see we'll be at least the same two hundred million dollars as it was against the Washington Post, but the compensatory damages nNcholas reputation that number I expect will be hired. Listen, I I would advise nNcholas salmon and Lynnwood doesn't need my advice. This kid under pressure was amazing. I would never have been as composed patient as he was smiling. Trying to show that he's peaceful and telling the only thing he said is to another kid. No, no, don't engage these guys meaning the black. Hebrew, israelites. Budget? Yeah. You got these down here in the middle of a native rally would they dirty? You got all these dirty behind you. Red make America great again. Fight your brother. He kept his mega hat, which is now a trigger point as we know for many liberals, maybe keep that hat one day. It could be worth a lot. But CNN fake news, and they're not gonna win this suit. Now, maybe it doesn't ever get to court. Maybe they do an out of court settlement. But Linda's Cussing this case in detail with Mark last night was really spectacular. And he said that CNN was probably the more vicious in its attacks on nNcholas, then even the Washington Post and CNN goes into millions of individual homes, and he said CNN couldn't resist the idea that here's a young boy with a make America great again cap on and they go after him. They really went after nNcholas with the idea that he was part of a mob that he was attacking the black. Hebrew, Israelites yelling racist slurs at them. What are the exact opposite had happened? But nobody bothered to investigate. Judge cavenaugh. We can you want to run through the cases again, this mullet case they wanted to believe small in the worst way. Now, he's got sixteen felony charges against him. They got it wrong. The BuzzFeed story what about the Richard jewel case itself where it all began for Lynnwood..

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