New York City, Janet Yellen, FED discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Table. But I have my broader family at the table. And I am honoring them. This Thanksgiving. Health officials pointed to evidence showing that house gatherings are a big reason for the recent surge in Corona virus spread throughout New York. Preparations, meanwhile, underway for the Thanksgiving Day parade in New York. That will, of course, be very different this year because of the virus got Pringle has more. The Rockets Jimmy Fallon in the roots, and several dancing teams have been practicing their moves while wearing face coverings. Unlike past years, these parade participants will not be seen live along the traditional Thanksgiving Day parade route. Their performances will be taped along with other parts of the parade, the giant character balloons, they'll still be around. But instead of the balloon handlers, vehicles will be guiding them. The Dow Jones industrial Average has been trading above 30,000 for the first time. Use of the peaceful transition of power that's officially underway in Washington may have helped stocks climbed this morning. Meanwhile, President elect Joe Biden is expected to nominate Former head of the Fed Janet Yellen, as Treasury secretary. If confirmed, she'd be the first woman to hold that job stock market cheered the news that former Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen will be president elect Biden's nominee for Treasury secretary. Yellin, who served at the helm of the Fed for four years under President Obama and his chair of President Clinton's Council of Economic Advisors, is widely respected across the aisle. Expertise and unemployment and labor markets will be critical. Amid the current recession. Yellen has made the case for more economic stimulus and if confirmed, she would likely work closely with her former colleague, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. Officials, the ABC News Washington and folks remembering former New York City Mayor David Dinkins, who passed away David Dinkins defeated incumbent Mayor Ed Koch in the 1989 Democratic primary and went on to beat Republican Rudy Giuliani to become New York City's first and only black mayor. By the narrowest margin in city history. 47,000 votes because we had this beautiful coalition indeed, a gorgeous mosaic.

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