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W M A L F M WOODBRIDGE, Washington Now more than ever depend on 105.9 FM w M A L A Cumulus stations news now Ship on fire Corona by research. I'm Evan handing. The Navy will work with San Diego County and fighting the fire that broke out on the USS Palmer Shard this morning. SAN Diego Fire Chief Colin Stole says the blaze will likely last for days until the ship burns down to the water line will will more likely be here for days. But really right now, they wanted to get the ships next to it away. And so they were working on moving those, at least 21 people suffered minor injuries from the explosion and fire at 19 is flourishing. In Florida, which reported the largest one day increase in cases any state has seen since the pandemic began. And in Texas Austin there, Steve Adler says states reopened too fast. It looks like too many of them are going to try to redo what we did in Texas when we open And Austin again is a cautionary tale. Cities cannot open in any way that looks like what they used to do before the pandemic. Better late than never. That's what Dr Tom Ingles, be director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, told Fox News Sunday about President Trump's decision to let himself be photographed wearing a mask when he visited wounded warriors at Walter Reed Medical Center yesterday. I do think it would have been better to have started wearing masks.

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