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It. Were excited about it if you're in the General D._C.. Area Yeah you don't WanNa miss this. We're going to be in town solvable. TICKETS DOT com slash. D._C.'s how you can get your tickets until we did until we announced the DC show our until we announced the Texas Show Oh D._C.. Tickets were moving faster than any show we've ever released tickets for yes and then we really Texas tickets and they're moving even faster than D._c.. So these are flying off the shelves and we cannot stress enough how much we want to hang out with you which is to say a also. We're going to do a show for you. Then we're going to go somewhere nearby or just stay there and hang out and drink beer and Hashtag ten does tenders with ty will eat chicken tenders and whatever else is around because it's it's incredible to put faces two two names and just to meet listeners. It's it's the coolest thing I say that genuinely. If you are on the fence we are telling you it's a great time and we can't wait to personally thank you for listening <hes> and because we are doing Saturday than a Sunday show it has like a tour vibe right yeah yeah. Can we get one of those giant road cases in the has stenciled on solid nineteen tour even though we have no gear already be on the venues. That's how will transport Taylor yeah. That's going to be Taylor. There will be Intel by the way he's covered with us to both locations we need our guy are pretty production booth to make sure things go smoothly. Should we figure out how we're doing. Today's show today's show is what we're calling the dude watchlist now as has you know you've listened to the show for any period of time. You're.

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