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Biz talk radio Plan. Your perfect getaway you're listening to vacation with the Griswold with. And, Lisa griswald Hello we're back and we're switching. Gears this time we. Have Maryland Cairo who is the director of sales? With. Charisma resorts. Welcome Marilyn Thank you so much and we're. Gonna, be talking about charisma I like talking charisma. Well you got to. Go I did I had to stay home with? The. Kids She gets to go all the fun places Niccolo resort was SpongeBob I did but? Aren't you going away for a, week tomorrow me used to be. My ringtone, but, I'm. Not going to charisma all right anyway Maryland thank you so much for taking, the time to talk to us about Christmas and let's get. Started with a kind? Of the, resort portfolio what is charisma resort that's the All income brand but what are we. Gonna know it as? Anything else Well curricula hotels and resorts offered a. Variety of properties throughout the Caribbean and some very well sought after destination so what we're going, for is that gourmet inclusive concept and it's about delivering the best food the best service and. An, all. Inclusive landscape and really making the experience for the client memorable, okay excellent what cities are? We going to find you Ooh you're gonna, find us in Mexico in the Riviera Maya you will find us in the Dominican Republic and. Kana, Angeles. Us in Jamaica on the grill grill okay All right so I would like to start with what I know which would be Nickelodeon which. Is in Punta Cana Dominican. Republic, I absolutely loved the resort so much so that I switched from the resort where I was actually booked and switched over to Nickelodeon it was it was. Everything Everything that we, needed it was clean it was safe. It was convenient it was bright it was cheery it was well laid out I sounds like the staff that you guys had sounded. Phenomenal they. Were so into Making us. Feel welcome and. Making sure we. Were having a. Good time and in many. Different aspects so I really appreciated that so tell us about. Nickelodeon in Punta Cana Well you know Lisa for me I think it's a huge accolade that you would say that because one of the things, that client associate Nickelodeon with is families and. Children but the reality is that we also catered to, the adult, and we, wanna make sure that. There are adults only experiences adult only Yuxin crannies to kinda relaxing joy so what we do a focus on children and activity we've got. You know all the fun. Stuff Nickelodeon is known for character and. Meet-and-greet Time for relaxation for fun but he didn't get. The perfect resort to blend the two together and you were there as part of a group and you all adults for, you to walk away feeling like wow that. Was such a fantastic thing you know that's a huge, accolade for, us in, delivering that experience that. The brand want to be known for Yeah because I think when I think of Niccolo resort before I knew what it, was just as a consumer just kind of I thought this is. The whole place is going to be Nickelodeon themed it's a family getaway from beginning to end there's going to, be, characters is going to be a. Waterpark but, it's from looking at you know Lisa's trip photos and hearing about her trip when she just went Split up so there's a whole resort that's that sounds like, it's for adults beautiful that, everybody can, enjoy and then there's this kind of Nickelodeon pieces extremely well done But it wasn't over the top in your face kid We. Had a blimp. Nickelodeon blimp in our room to those that was, nice and you've got the break colors and this man you've got SpongeBob, on the, privacy shade between the bathroom in the. Room the beds but it wasn't crazy over the top, and it's not like kids running around and it was It was a nice mix well it is it's a nice mix and you're not You don't. Feel like you're at a kid targeted. Resort where everyone's got three kids in tow you've got people with. Kids without kids it's a. Very, laid back. Environment which is exactly what we needed I, I think you guys are hitting the nail. On the head by saying that there was adults only spaces and then the Nick place all the fun happens is somewhat. Removed from the property so again it's a, perfect blend for adults and children so I'm glad. You walked away with that impression because. That's exactly had the best way to describe the Nickelodeon and propaganda They keep the kids activities in the back. Of the resort and you have to have the kids back there you can have them anywhere but that's where it's okay And it's it's a, little removed so they actually make it a privilege. To use Aquidneck which is, the waterpark area lazy river Nickelodeon guests get us that but the The the. Sensitivity has to pay an additional fee so, we got the best of both. Worlds all the world's that, was good The other thing I loved about when you were at the resort is just the photos from the. Different restaurants, I mean they. Seem like they were like you were saying the gourmet kind of theme or runs throughout the resort I mean they the decor everything from I saw in the pictures of the decor was like over the top amazing there were so. Well put, together everything from even the little burger place that. You guys went to had like burger is, the name of there you go Is the name of but it had like its own little what is it like a like a street. Food truck Inside the restaurant built in the decor, was just spectacular than you guys said. The food everywhere you went was was great as well Mean. That's, one of the things that the resort is known for is the gourmet village not only are the restaurants and the gourmet corners well But,.

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