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So the next steps as far as win against distributed or on the table as the as a dungeon dragons nerd super excited about that. I actually might be there's new book called art and our Kana. The dentist dragons like history of everything they might be sending me a copy of it. So I can review quote unquote review, a K just read about biting my tongue to not cast aspersions on the net Gazza m- that just went down. But if you're doing I'm covered in echo plaza. If you to cast dispersion if it were transmutation spell like level three, please not these no more. So. Yeah. So I wanted to give had to watch Harry Potter the fantastic beasts to wizard ING world of the crimes into walled. Stay of execution. Yeah. To gear guy gags documentary guy, Greenland, so good news for them to link for that will be in the bio if you still want to donate and help out I realized that I put apple eight twenty four news on their twice forgot to delete. The first one exciting news. Let's go back over it. So. So the other news. So these stupid girl TV show, which I'm a huge CW fan of all of those shows Healy, they you're the one I was gonna say it seems like it has his rabid fan base from things like what is it the flash. And then the arrow lash green arrow legend tomorrow, supergirl, oh, my God, you watch all of those I stopped watching the aero awhile ago. But do you sleep and black lightning, which is technically part of it? Yeah. Is he a black character? He is. Okay. Isn't he? I mean, why is it that all black? Superheroes are named black something. Yeah. Black lightning panther. I wrote a paper, and I wrote a college. Wow. I I wrote a paper in college about that exact thing that I can talk about with some time. But was so the exciting news is that in the super TV show the crossover which is going to be episode like fifteen with all of their shows. They cast their lex Luther that lex Luther is Jon Cryer or sire from two and a half men. Oh my God. What is interesting. We there's good news. This is something you're excited about it is because those of you who are huge fans. Like, I am John. I ain't gonna go sire crier crier crier. He was in superman four with Christopher Reeve as Lenny Luther lex Luther nephew. He kind of helped create nuclear man. This is what I love about this. W shows is they pull people from all of these different things that they have been a part of and bring them back in the fold back to the family physically is who is he who I would picture not even close. I just think that the fact that you've somehow done the mental gymnastics to be excited. Jon Cryer, lex Luther is astounding. Congratulations, sir. From. Sprained something and if they had brought back Michael Rosenbaum from smallville that would also have been really cool, but he hated shaving his head. So, but yeah, Sean Cryer with a shaved head weird. I I don't I pay anyone who has to watch that for an extended period of time. Now, here's the question though, since you are not the superfan. Like, yes, John riot. Little Jon Cryer is here indicate with my left hand or Jesse Eisenberg lex Luther is my right hand at the same level. No matter what happens Jon Cryer is going to be better than Jesse Eisenberg. I don't know if that's true. I I mean, Jesse Eisenberg is terrible is yes, it's like he he's smoked a bowl of meth right before every take. But. It's Jon Cryer on his C W show. Like, I. Good luck. So that will be on the big crossover event in which bat woman is on. And they have hinted that some other like other characters might be on there. But Tyler who Clin he is. Coming back superman who was great. I'm excited for that. Now from going from exciting news to sad news. We're going samba. We are. So I so I know what this is William Goldman. Oh, I don't know. So two time Oscar winner writer cast and the Sundance kid and all the president's men of which I've only seen one of those..

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