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Titans chargers. Texans Jaguars Cowboys, Redskins Bengals chiefs. These are the games that two months from now we're gonna be talking about who won this game as tiebreaking scenarios. Well, so as you start to project and we're now in the middle of the season years, we started project towards the playoffs. These are games that when you're talking about wild card for the divisional. You're talking about the visual races who the team that wins game. They're going to have a big leg up as as we get towards the high unusual how that happens. There are some weeks in the NFL where some of the matchup lack some sizzle, right? And then you get a weekend like this one in week seven, where there is a ton of sizzle. There's a ton of storylines a ton of games to talk about, and that doesn't even those five that I mentioned that doesn't even include some of the AFC NFC matchups bears patriots, saints ravens that that are really good games. You bring up the saints ravens. So we get a top offense versus a top defense and the saints offense has been tremendous and the ravens defense has been commended, what do you make of this match? It really has and all the talk about how great the chiefs and the Rams offense they have, they, I'm not downplaying that at all, but the saints lead the NFL in scoring offense right now. And this will be the eighth time in the last fifteen seasons. We've got top scoring offense against top scoring defense week, five or later we actually saw it. Just a few weeks ago at the Jaguars and the chiefs. Now the offense has won six of the previous seven games. So as you're looking ahead to Saint ravens, the offense, at least historically in these examples has had the advantage. Obviously, we saw the chiefs beat the Jaguars through two fourteen that defense ad was number one score divas at the time. Obviously, we've seen since then, Jacksonville defense certainly struggling over the last few games, but the ravens with their performance against the titans of week. Six now have a whole different animal deal with drew Brees and it's going to be an historic day for drew. 'cause I could agree that he's gonna throw that one past one touchdown for five hundred. It could be historic in another way. Interesting. Note that that I've been talking about with some of the the crew on Sunday countdown. The ravens are the only one of the thirty two current NFL franchises that drew Brees has never beaten in his career so he could beat the rabies and throw five touchdown pass all in the my favorite game in week seven. I think it's ravens couldn't agree more. You know, it's funny. Every Sunday in the war room, Seth Markman. Who is the NFL coordinating producer or now vice president, right? Yes, absolute. We look at the games the matchups 'cause he assigns the reporter. He always sends it over to me. What do you think of these games? And when he showed me the schedule for this week, the first game that I looked at was the ravens Sanchez said that to me is the best game of the week. And even though I know we're gonna have reporters at Cowboys and Redskins and Bengals chiefs in answers eagles and all these other matchups the Rams or the last unbeaten team at six? No. What does this mean historically?.

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