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Not a huge population but you and i went to panama city panama beach together for for spring break one time but but what i mean is its population wise in the tourism there is a similar situation to when you and i went there if felt like there was like over one hundred thousand people there and not that many people live there but for that week it was crawling with people well that's what makes this so dangerous because if you only have a population of thirty thousand and this small community and then you have an influx of let's say just even seventy thousand huge trolley even more so now what kind of riffraff is coming you don't know and but to play devil's advocate i actually had a really good friend of mine that went on a spring break trip with one of his really good buddies and they got an argument and the dude left him there like the duguit home got in his car and took off we we guy was left there with no transfer like the transportation he arrived in was no longer available when it came time to go home right and we're talking like best friends so it is possible yeah not no mon hurt home feelings but i think but i think i i really think it was you know especially anybody that's younger like it happens with guys that happens with groups of girls where you start kind of picking on somebody i could see that maybe they would pick on her 'cause she's younger and she felt alienated so she was like hey i'm just going to spend a little time by myself maybe these girls will come around and then on the flip side of that it almost makes you wonder why did these girls want her on the trip to begin with right i mean we sit here speculating how much britney was close with these people what why why do they just want some younger tag along yeah but is it possible that they just set you own passing hey yeah come come with us and then it stuck and then they're like oh shit she's with us and i think i think to add to maybe the level of the situation to help everybody understand the level of the possibility of the situation of not getting along with the other girl girls or not the group not gelling is dawn drexel brittany's mother who said that britney did not walk places period like even in our hometown she did not walk anywhere that on would have to drive her everywhere that she went even to for short trips like to her friend's house who just live down the street so all of this walking from place to place a loan that we're starting to see at the you know friday evening friday night is completely out of character for britain any of those towns like myrtle beach or like panama there's a strip everybody kinda hangs out on this trip whether they're driving or walking that's kind of a party in itself you got the party on the beach party in the hotel rooms but you got party on the strip so i don't know so she's walking alone on this friday evening walking what is it i think he said wonky yeah walking she's walking alone on the friday meeting and she's getting harassed and can't called by some guys along the route that she's making her way apparently this made her feel uncomfortable enough that she asked a quote unquote nice looking young man to walk with her this is according to him this is a story that we will hear from him later now we know that she and this guy who was also on spring break visiting from a from the midwest spent some time together in one of their hotel rooms he took a cell phone video of her in which she can be seen sitting on the bed wearing a yellow shirt she's on her phone talking and smiling now the video is time stamped ten thirty six pm on april twenty four two thousand and nine the young man who took the video brought it it to law enforcement once he discovered that britney had gone missing its existence was not disclosed publicly until about a year later but the guy has apparently been cleared by police of any involvement and what could have happened to brittany good good for him for coming forward and sharing this information with the law enforcement on saturday april twenty fifth we know from the police report that britney met peter and his four friends on the.

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