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Already so big. It seems ridiculous to add some other layer of mythology to it. Like the whole thing seemed absurd. The government favors that allow him to just. You guys are dropping as an aside. I think that he was. I don't even understand that. He was dealing with. Russia is getting all sorts of government access to things just because he was the famous hemingway. And and you haven't one point just in a war voluntarily sort of running and screaming across some sort of jungle landscape. What was that. He's living plane. Crashes on the surviving. Two plane crashes on one african trip. His life was plenty interesting and big without the mythology. Ising it. yeah well. He outed himself and a lot of his public life and he put himself into situations. I think he had these. Just you know what we now call grandiosity. So he knew he was important. He thought he belonged to these certain places. He had a lot to say people should listen to him. And so he put himself into all kinds of situations running with the bulls in pamplona which has become such an iconic thing in world war two. He was a correspondent but he so dedicated to the cause and he was so excited to be there ultimately. Even though we didn't want to go in the first place that he ended up actually becoming a combatant and shooting guns and trying to kill people. Germans the enemy obviously but and thinking that was okay really wasn't and he got away with it which she didn't love things of his life. You can't make this stuff up. You can't anything that you regard that you would put number one on sort of most shocking like in terms of revelations because it it was replete with them every. It seemed like there was a whole lot of. You've gotta be shitting me. How many times is this dude gonna get hit in the head. Like what like are you kidding me that he's going to continue to have that the the greatest american writer of our time..

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