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He had a great night really talented, dude. But I enjoy the show. I talked to Mike Johnson about the difference between the presentation of inex- takeover inex- teen and the main roster Ron smackdown. I think it's a we know that there's are ticked differences in how the show shot at central center. But there's a mindset also is an I look at this way. Like each of these teams each of these units run different offense. They have different head coaches. They have different philosophy. And I really enjoy the inex- takeover shows how they're written the logic that they use just really good. I thought Johnny Gargano had a marvelous night on Saturday. But that does not mean, I didn't wasn't. I I was impressed with every match on inex- t I didn't. There was not a stinker in a bunch and the show was not overbooked. But then everybody got plenty of time. Time to tell their story organically could ex hail could enjoy the process. It was because tell us find out that. Okay. I got yet twenty minutes, and they get ready to go out. And all of a sudden now they've got a fifteen minutes. They don't try to change anything. Tune in larger many of them were faster. So they try to cram more shit in a small bag instead of, you know, restructuring their match rethinking it. But we've got we've got the match memorize we've been working on for days. That's one of your problems. There's well. But man, I I love the show the feel of great. I love clean finishes. It doesn't hurt to lose. If you know how to work if you lost every week. Are you gotta gimmick. You know, like Zack Ryder and his tag team partner. Curt Hawkins, that's a different deal. The we had the same thing. Midsouth many many years ago with Mike boy. Set the same thing. W W F had one time with when they featured berry Horowitz on a big losing streak. And I remember call net matching voice over session. And I scream ING Horowitz wins Horowitz wins. No off of a baseball call. So. But I think that they're they have winners and losers, and they the they the matches are are competitive athletic, if it's real athleticism if it's in a real athletic event, then why doesn't hurt to lose. If you lose the right way. And you don't lose every time that your television. I don't get that. I like the fact that you know, you're gonna see a winner loser. So how's it going to go? It has more intrigued than match because I don't wanna plan on. Well, this probably be a disqualification this'll be account. That's garbage. That's true garbage. That means nothing. So good night for the cats the men and the women there to inex- takeover. I like Shane of bazars. Evolution reagan. Tomasa Chanda is is excellent big time. I hope the W W E creative gets Alastair black and what he what he can represent. What it can mean? He's really talented, dude. And he's got a very unique rugged look while the tattoos long hair central Tetra, I knocking it under saying that if you can't judge a book by its cover many times, and certainly out of black would fit in that category. He's very very talented trust me. And I venture to say that guys like him that don't. The creative treatment that they feel. They need will not have problems awning work. Elsewhere. The wrestling business in general is too hot for good talents to find work. That's says my take on it. So good show all the way around I fan. The war raiders called Mercer dues matches when they were new Japan, and I was working for access TV and allow the few Erakat's goodguys worth a lot on any roster. Good dudes. So good night on Saturday night. I finally got home on Sunday afternoon. Believe it or not. And boy was I ready to get home..

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